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COVID-19: Scientists discover how to neutralize it

Every day the progress and findings on covid-19 They allow us to learn more about the virus that put the world in check. University of Texas Scientists have discovered a way to neutralize the strain in less than a second.

One article indicates that experts designed an experimental system that demonstrates exposure of the coronavirus to high temperatures. Less than a second would be enough to neutralize the strain, so that it can no longer infect another human host.

How does it work?

The researchers heated a section of a stainless steel tube to nearly 72 degrees Celsius. The solution containing the covid-19 passed through the object for almost a second, cooling it just afterwards.

With this experiment they determined that the thermal process can reduce the amount of the virus in the solution by 100 thousand times. The effect would help prevent transmission in a significantly shorter time than previously thought possible.

What would it do?

The professor Arun Han, co-author of the study, emphasized that with this finding part of the current health emergency could be mitigated. He believes the method can be implemented in existing HVAC systems.

Now, their goal is to build a microfluidic-scale test chip that allows them to heat treat viruses for much shorter periods of time. Han hopes that these kinds of changes can help fight other viruses like influenza.

“I was curious to know how high the temperatures are that we can apply in such a short period of time and to see if, in fact, we could heat inactivate the coronavirus in a very short time.”he added.

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