Covid-19 in Mexico. Mexico reports more than 122 thousand deaths from Covid-19

The Health Secretary reported this Saturday that Mexico adds one million 377 thousand 217 cases of Covid-19. That is, 4,974 more than that reported the previous day.

While the death toll reached 122 thousand 26 from the virus.

Mexico received this Saturday a second batch with 42,900 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 developed by the pharmaceutical duo Pfizer / BioNTech.

Of the total of biologicals, 34,125 doses will reach the Mexican capital, and 8,775 doses will go to the city of Monterrey (Nuevo León, north) to be applied next Monday in a second cycle of inoculation to medical personnel, reported the Ministry of Health.

“Today we continue a milestone in public health,” Miriam Veras, general director of the National Center for Childhood and Adolescent Health, told reporters.

A first batch of 3,000 doses of the vaccine developed by the American and German firms arrived in Mexico last Wednesday and a day later began its immunization campaign.

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Mexico thus took the lead in vaccinating its health personnel along with Chile and Costa Rica, which on Thursday also began their inoculation plan with the same vaccine.

The first phase of vaccination will focus on the medical personnel in charge of fighting Covid-19, which has left 2,330 health workers dead among doctors, nurses, orderlies and cleaning employees.

In three weeks the second dose will be applied, as required by the Pfizer / BioNTech treatment.

“It is strategic to protect those who have protected us and continue to protect us throughout this year,” said Zoé Robledo, director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), during the reception of the vaccines.

As of February 2021 and until 2022, the general population will be served according to their age and level of risk.

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