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Covid-19 cases exceed 134.7 million in the world, according to Johns Hopkins

Washington, Apr 10 (EFE) .- Global covid-19 cases exceed 134.7 million and the death toll rises to more than 2.9 million, according to the latest data recorded today by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) .

According to the figures published this Saturday by the JHU on its website, those infected with covid-19 amount to 134,719,328 in the world and the number of people who died from the disease rises to 2,915,972.

The United States continues to lead in the number of infections in the world with 31,085,251, followed by Brazil with 13,373,174 and India with 13,205,926.

The country with the highest death toll is also the United States, with 561,074, followed by Brazil with 348,718 and Mexico with 207,020.

Among the European countries with the most infections are France (5,000,314), Russia (4,572,053) and the United Kingdom (4,380,167), which also rank fourth, fifth and sixth globally for coronavirus cases, according to the count from the American College of Medicine.

In Latin America, the country with the highest number of cases, after Brazil, is Colombia with 2,504,206, followed by Argentina (2,497,881) and Mexico (2,272,064).

Regarding the number of deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the pandemic began, the countries with the highest mortality in Europe are the United Kingdom (127,284), Italy (113,579), Russia (100,554), France (100,554), Germany ( 78,297) and Spain (76,328).

After Brazil and Mexico, Colombia is the Latin American country with the most fatalities with 65,283, according to the JHU, followed by Argentina (57,350) and Peru (54,285).

On the African continent, the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases is South Africa, which totals 1,556,242 and 53,226 deaths from covid-19.

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