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Coutinho undergoes surgery in Brazil for the third time since he injured his knee

BARCELONA – Philippe Coutinho continues with his ordeal on his left knee and a week after traveling to Brazil to meet with the national team’s doctors, he resolved to undergo surgery again, for the third time since he was injured at the end of December.

According to information from O’Globo, confirmed to ESPN Deportes by Barcelona sources, the Barça midfielder will be operated on this Monday by the canarinha’s doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, who will perform an arthroscopy in which he will completely remove the meniscus. external left knee.

Injured on December 29 and operated on the external meniscus on January 2, Barcelona’s medical services ventured a three-month sick leave period for the Brazilian player, but his recovery did not develop as expected and after being back to normal. After undergoing surgery at the beginning of March to remove a cyst that had reproduced, he decided, with the club’s knowledge, to travel to Qatar for a consultation at the Aspetar clinic when he verified that he was not progressing in his improvement either.

By then there was already speculation about the possibility of a new intervention and it was Coutinho himself who, very disenchanted with the club’s medical services, decided to travel to his country to be visited by the team’s doctors, who over the weekend They advised this new operation to completely remove the meniscus to end his physical problems and accelerate his recovery.

Now, in the best of cases, the player would be in a position to reappear in about seven weeks, so he would not arrive in time to conclude the League with Barcelona but he could be in a position to play the Copa América that will be played. in Colombia and in which Brazil will debut on June 14 against Venezuela in Medellín.


Coutinho this season has only taken part in 14 official games with Barça, ten of them as a starter and completing only one, to add 793 minutes, scoring three goals and serving two assists.

With two contract seasons ahead of him, his name is indisputable among the players that the club does not have for the next season, with Barcelona being willing to accept a transfer, still losing money (there are about 60 million euros to be amortized from his signing), with the aim of saving a gross salary of more than 26 million euros per year.

The Brazilian, who last season played on loan at Bayern Munich, has added 90 official games with Barça (65 as a starter and 19 complete) since his arrival in January 2018, having scored 23 goals and finding himself ten games to reach one hundred. that would force the Barça club to pay 20 million euros to Liverpool for the variables that were signed at the time. And that, most likely, will not be disbursed.

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