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Court ruling in Israel: opponent of vaccination is not allowed to teach

Court decision in Israel
Opponent of the vaccination is not allowed to teach

Israel ranks among the international spearheads when it comes to vaccinations against the coronavirus. Around half of the residents are already fully vaccinated. But even here there are people who do not want to be given an injection. For some, this is not without consequences, as a court has now decided.

In Israel, employees who refuse to have a corona vaccination or regular tests can be prevented from returning to work. This was decided by a labor court in Tel Aviv after a judgment that has now been published.

In the specific case, an assistant teacher who works at a primary school had refused both vaccinations and tests and sued her employer. The court dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that the assistant teacher’s right was no stronger than the “right of students, parents and teachers to life”. At the same time, it called on the legislature to create clarity on this issue.

Companies impose sanctions

There are already a number of Israeli companies that have imposed sanctions on employees who refuse to be vaccinated. Since the vaccination campaign began three months ago, more than five million Israelis have received a primary vaccination and more than 4.5 million a secondary vaccination. Israel has a population of around 9.3 million. The number of infections is falling slowly but steadily, as is the number of seriously ill.

Along with countries like Great Britain and the USA, Israel is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rate to date. Germany lags far behind in this comparison. Up to now, less than ten percent of the population has received a vaccination here. Fully vaccinated with two doses is not even four percent. However, the main problem is not people’s unwillingness to get vaccinated, but rather the lack of vaccine.

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