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#CoupleChallenge: Indian fan shares photo with Hollywood actress, Mila Surprise | america – World

#CoupleChallenge: Indian fan shares photo with Hollywood actress, got surprise

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A fan of Alexandra Daddario, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, shared a photo of him on Twitter in such a way that it became viral on social media.

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  • Last Updated:September 28, 2020, 7:03 AM IST

Washington. Couple and single challenge is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. Meanwhile, a person’s fate has been revealed. Actually, people are sharing photos with their couple on social media on social media nowadays. Meanwhile, those who are single are facing problems. However this person solved it too. On Twitter, a user named Akash shared his photo with his favorite Hollywood actress while accepting the Couple Challenge. Akash shared a photo of his favorite Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario with a photo from Photoshop.

In the photo, Akash is seen in a mask. In this photo, he has put famous American actress Alexandra Daddario in the middle of the field with the help of photoshop. The picture is photoshopped, but the creativity of the sky is tremendous. With this photo, he has given a caption too funny. Akash wrote in the caption of the photo, “Burners will say that this photo is photoshopped.” This post is so funny that the actress herself saw her post and also commented while retweeting. As soon as Alexandra retweeted this photo, Akash’s post got viral on Twitter. People are very fond of this post and are praising the creativity of the fellow.

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Alexandra is the most beautiful actress
Re-tweeting Akash’s tweet, the American actress wrote in the caption, “It was a really fun week.” As soon as the actress did this, her tweet started getting thousands of likes and re-tweets. So far more than 1 lakh 36 thousand people have liked this post. Apart from this, more than 16 thousand people have retweeted. Alexandra Daddario is counted among the most beautiful actresses in the world.

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