Could it be that Don Patrocinio returns to enroll in the 4T?

They tell us that in the PRI of Chiapas, the ex-governor leaving his ranks Sponsorship González Garrido, due to his disagreement with the alliance with the PAN and PRD, did not go unnoticed, as his detractors assured that he was not an expert in candy, since he was one of the last hard-line politicians of the PRI regime, with an iron hand during his mandate and even abuses of power, so now that he has resigned from the tricolor, more than one pointed out that it is a relief that “one of the darkest parts of the party’s political life” comes out, and now it could be Morena’s problem, where he militates daughter Josefa Gonzalez Ortiz, who was already the owner of Semarnat. Will Don Patrocinio return?

The rout still hurts

From Yucatan, they share with us that, given the disbandment of PRI members in recent months, the former federal deputy and former leader of the PRI Territorial Movement, Alberto Escamilla Cerón, published a video for the militancy, where he assured that the true conviction PRI members remained and asks for their efforts in 2021 to repeat the glories of his party in Hidalgo and Coahuila. They tell us that Don Alberto took the opportunity to ensure that those who left are the true traitors, that they only took advantage of the party to hold public office and, some, even to make use of the treasury, or as they say, “the house was cleaned”; however, more than one thinks that “what bleeds is the wound”. Ouch!

Regidores back down in giving support to merchants

In Puebla they tell us that the mayor of the capital, Claudia Rivera Vivanco (Morena), faces a tough legal fight against several of his council members, including those of his own party, who seek to recover just over 5 million 810 thousand pesos that were donated to support 1,500 artisans in the Historic Center affected by the measures imposed. to stop the Covid-19, despite the fact that it had been agreed by a majority in the Cabildo. They detail that the council members do not want to lose those compensations that, in sum, would have something like 264 thousand pesos each, so now they intend to recover them by legal means, although many wonder: and the help to the most needy, apa?

Women are lined up for mayoralties

From Guanajuato they share with us that the alliance of the PRI, PAN and PRD made several PAN members nervous who wanted to run for a mayor’s office, because they fear that there will be a distribution of places between the three political forces, when they have worked those places for years. They tell us that because of that “God helps those who get up early,” PAN women are the ones who are being activated in the race, as is the case of former federal deputies Alejandra Gutierrez Campos and Lorena Alfaro Garcia, who seek the mayoralties of León and Irapuato, respectively. If both win the nomination, it will be the first time that the blue and white have women in those candidacies, although, if they win, they will have to share the glory with their new friends.

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