Eduardo Coudet has summoned nineteen players to travel to Vitoria, where tomorrow Celta will face the Alaves. Only two players from the subsidiary appear on that list, goalkeepers Patrick Sequeira and Iago Domínguez. El Chacho cannot count on the injured for this day Néstor Araújo, Augusto Solari, Sergio Álvarez and Rubén Blanco. In Vigo, the punished are also left Emre Mor, David Costas and Jorge Sáenz.

In the preview of the meeting with the babazorro team, the Argentine coach has reviewed the news of his team. Coudet has commented with irony lThe information that places the Vigo club as a candidate to sign Colombian striker Rafael Santos Borré this summer:

Subsidiary players: “Sequeira is going to travel. It is very difficult to think that outfield players are going to play two games in less than 24 hours. Almost impossible”.

Baja from Araújo: “It is going to have to initiate Joseph (Aidoo). He has already done it and he has done it well. We trust that you will help us. We have prepared the game in the best way to try not to suffer because Alavés has a very good aerial game ”.

Motivation: “We have not slackened, but on the last day Madrid played us and any mistakes materialize. Celta have only lost home games against teams that are up in the standings. They have superior squads and we have to play great games to get good results. We have prepared ourselves for the final stretch and I am confident that we can make a good finish ”.

Weak points: “It has not gone so bad for us. All teams always make mistakes and from there you can work. We are going to face a very tough team and a coach who knows that team well, who has lived through these situations and who is intelligent. Rather than talking about our weak points, I prefer to say that we have made some repetitive mistakes ”.

Sergio Álvarez and Emre Mor: “They continue to recover from their injuries. The situations continue in the same way ”.

Does the tie serve you?: “The intention is to win. Normally when you prepare a match to tie it, you lose it. I like to win, it’s different. You feel differently when the game is over ”.

Machín and Abelardo: “Alavés is a tough team. Beyond the fact that he has changed his coach, today he has a different need than when we faced each other the first time. We will try to adapt as quickly as possible to those that come our way. They are at home and have a real need to win. Celta have never won at Mendizorroza. It is one more motivation to keep the three points ”.

Santos Borré: “Talking about players who can come to ten rounds to go are speculations that arise from all places. I speak little and, therefore, I do not go out to deny anything. So, you are going to come across a list of players. It is not mine. This is what happens every time a market is going to open. Rest assured that a lot of players are going to come out and when the market opens, someone will say “you saw that I ended up scooping it with this one.” We are tighter on the budget than anyone. Who are we going to find now? If we had to look for two players at zero cost in the winter market. It is our reality. Now I can’t go out for any player, I don’t have a peso. It happens to me constantly as a coach, I speak little and that benefits the rumors. The other day the president told me a little jokingly “so you’ve already hired a player and I’m still not aware of it.” Did you see the numbers that are being talked about?

Rumors from Argentina: “Before I was at Inter in Porto Alegre. Review all those who were told they were going there and those who arrived. I have never had clubs with a lot of money to spend, I have not had that fortune. Always when the markets open we start to engineer ourselves and look for characteristics as we have done in the last market ”.

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