Coronavirus: Young man commits suicide after testing positive for COVID-19 in Coahuila

Mario Alberto “M”, a 29-year-old young man, committed suicide in the state of Coahuila after testing positive for a rapid COVID-19 coronavirus test, although, according to reports, after the PCR test issued the results it was indicated that he did not had the virus.

The man He was admitted to the General Hospital of Zone Number 7 of IMSS in Monclova last Saturday December 26, from another hospital, and showed all the symptoms of COVID-19.

“It was a fortuitous, unexpected case,” said Leopoldo Santill├ín Arreygue, delegate of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Coahuila, regarding the patient who was allegedly infected with COVID-19 and he committed suicide in one of the hospital bathrooms.

Mario Alberto “M”, a resident of the municipality of Frontera, arrived with saturation (oxygenation) of 90% and a quick test at coronavirus that tested positive, that’s why they entered the COVID-19 area and they performed the (confirmation) test PCR.

It was Monday at noon when the patient got out of bed and, on his own feet, entered the bathroom where, about 20 minutes later, a nurse went to look for him because it had taken a long time and he found it hanging from a sheet that he had jammed with the door. The boy did not know that he was not infected, because shortly after they received the test result that was negative for COVID-19. His death surprised hospital staff. Santillán Arreygue regretted what happened, because It is unknown whether it was due to anguish, fear or despair that Mario Alberto made the decision to kill himself.

The delegate categorically refused to proceed against Social Security workers who cared for the patient. “We cannot take action against the personnel because it was not a homicide, it was a fortuitous situation, an unexpected case,” he responded to a reporter who asked him if they would punish those who did not monitor him well. “The patient was physically able to go to the bathroom and protect himself by his own means, we do not know what they can do inside,” he said.

He noted that the patient came in with a rapid test that was positive “But we always confirm with the PCR that it is the ‘real confirmatory’ and it came out negative.”

Regarding the possibility of preventing more cases like this, he pointed out that all patients who enter the COVID area receive input or support in some way. “But the protocol indicates that when leaving they receive psychological support due to the ravages of anxiety left by the disease“He clarified, however:”We cannot predict if they already come with anxiety and that is something that will already be addressed from the first level. It depends a lot on the patient collaborating, expressing his feelings, we know that everyone feels anguish because you go to a hospital where you know that anything can happen, “he stressed.

He also said that “every patient, regardless of the cause for which they go to a hospital, imposes and that we are going to attack.” The COVID-19 disease has been marking a watershed with situations that we do not know about and the care protocol has been improved and perfected, remarked the head of the IMSS in Coahuila.



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