Coronavirus: why Kicillof was vaccinated and Rodríguez Larreta not at the beginning of the campaign


The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, he became one of the first citizens of Argentina to be vaccinated with Sputnik V. This morning, he received the first dose of the development carried out by the Russian Gamaleya Institute in La Plata. He was not the only Buenos Aires official: the Deputy Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, also posed with the vaccination certificate minutes after being inoculated.

The president is not in the subgroup of people who should first receive the vaccine according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, which asked to privilege health professionals who are in the first line of battle against coronavirus. However, the causes that mobilized him early this morning to the San Martín Hospital were not strictly sanitary. Those close to the governor explained that the photo of Kicillof receiving the vaccine seeks to clear up the doubts that exist in public opinion about the formula imported to Moscow last week.

Kicillof is 49 years old and does not have comorbidities that expose him especially to the coronavirus, but his vaccination was not intended to protect his health, but to raise awareness in the population about the importance of the campaign that began this Tuesday in Argentina and will continue throughout 2021. In fact, he was not the only president who adopted this strategy: Gustavo Valdes (Currents), Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa) and Omar Gutierrez (Neuquén) also released images receiving the first dose of Sputnik V.

Kicillof and Kreplak were vaccinated this morning in La Plata (Government Press)
Kicillof and Kreplak were vaccinated this morning in La Plata (Government Press)

The Buenos Aires government has another view on the subject. The head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was not at the Argerich Hospital -there the campaign began in CABA- and he does not plan to be vaccinated in the coming days. “The strategy indicated by the Ministry of Health indicates that in this first stage, health workers exposed to COVID care should be prioritized, regardless of whether Horacio is not a member of any of the risk groups”, They specified in their environment.

The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, does not plan to be immunized either. Last week, when asked about the issue, he gave a similar explanation: he said that in this first stage the injections should be applied to therapists, doctors, nurses and other members of the health personnel who are in daily contact with infected patients . In fact, your office is convinced that there cannot be a better citizen awareness plan than that.

Each of us is going to be vaccinated when appropriate. It seems worthwhile to set an example and build trust, but we believe that trust will come when we have information about the vaccine and we believe that this will emerge in the coming weekss”Quirós declared this Tuesday at the Argerich Hospital.

Before, in his usual morning part he assured that it is important that the technical data on the production of the antidote be opened. “To be able to validate data and especially to answer some questions in detail, such as those of the different subgroups of society and how they have behaved in terms of effectiveness, we need to open the technical data. And that opening occurs through various mechanisms. The first is a scientific publication, an issue that the Institute and the national government have said will happen in the next few days. But it could also be that the information is presented to an international regulatory entity, which quickly makes the reports public ”, he introduced.

And I add: “We need to access technical and detailed information in the short term to make a self-assessment, not only officials and technicians, but society as a whole, in this period until the next delivery. And that each one can decide autonomously if we give ourselves the vaccine based on data and not based on the trust that one may have in different institutions and governments.”.

Quirós and Larreta, for now without vaccination
Quirós and Larreta, for now without vaccination

The governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, is another example of the leaders who preferred to adopt a strategy similar to that of Rodríguez Larreta.

And the President?Alberto Fernandez He is 61 years old and so far neither the ANMAT nor the Ministry of Health approved Sputnik V to be applied in this age segment. The same thing happens with Ginés González García, who is 75 years old and said this morning he will receive the first dose when the treatment is authorized for those over 60.

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