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Coronavirus vaccine in Argentina: only 1% had mild adverse reactions to Sputnik V

Juan Pablo Caeiro, 53, received the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine at the Convention Center in the city of Córdoba Source: LA NACION – Credit: Government of Córdoba

Five days after the start of the vaccination campaign against him coronavirus Covid-19 in the country with the Sputnik V vaccine, the first results were known on the mild adverse effects that some of those who received the first dose had.

According to a report released by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, in the country 32,013 have already been vaccinated in the first two days, of which 317 presented “Events Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination and Immunization (Esavi)”. That is, around 1% had some symptom that can be related to the first dose of the vaccine produced by the Gamaleya Center in Russia.

The reporting of this type of reaction is mandatory when vaccination campaigns are carried out and, so far, the results are within the percentages expected for a vaccine that has a provisional approval from the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

As stated in the instructions “Technical guidelines for the National Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19”, is considered a Esavi to “any unexpected health situation (unfavorable or unintended sign, abnormal laboratory finding, symptom or disease) that occurs after vaccination and does not necessarily have a causal relationship with vaccination or with the biological product “.

According to the “1st Vaccine Safety Surveillance Report”, dated December 31, of the 317 Esavi, 298 (94%) are possibly related to the application of the vaccine.

Among the symptoms the most reported were:

  • Fever with headaches and / or myalgia: 140 of those vaccinated (44.2%)
  • Headache and / or myalgia 81 of those vaccinated (25.6%)
  • Fever as the only sign 36 of those vaccinated (11.4%)
  • Local reaction at the injection site 30 of those vaccinated (9.5%)
  • Mild allergy 4 of those vaccinated (1.3%)
  • Lipothymia 4 of those vaccinated (1.3%)
  • Fever with gastrointestinal symptoms 3 of those vaccinated (0.9%)

Of the remaining 6%, in the report they detailed: “It may be a programmatic error in 16 of those vaccinated (5%); one case (0.3%) is not related since it is a person who suffered a head injury prior to the vaccination; the remaining two people vaccinated with some Esavi had angina; hemiparesis and both are under study “.

The detail of the Esavi of the first two days of vaccination in the country
The detail of the Esavi of the first two days of vaccination in the country Credit: Document Capture

Meanwhile, so far no reported in the country no “serious Esavi”. Here is framed “any event that leads to hospitalization or prolongs it, results in significant or persistent disability, congenital anomaly or death. “Serious events must be reported to the surveillance system immediately, according to the report.

In the same instructions, the Ministry remarks that “the appearance of an Esavi, although it denotes a temporal association, does not necessarily imply a cause and effect relationship. The causality between the event and the vaccination will be determined by investigating the case.”

According to the report, 18 of the 24 jurisdictions have notified any Esavi. “99.3% of the events reported were mild and moderate, which did not require hospitalization and evolved with complete recovery,” they indicated.

According to the criteria of

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