Coronavirus The phrase of Alberto Fernández that sowed doubts: how many countries began to vaccinate

Vaccination campaign against COVID 19 in Codogno, Italy. Credit: Flavio Lo Scalzo / Pool via AP

President Alberto Fernandez said this morning that Argentina is among the first ten countries “in the whole world” that are going to start the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. In reality, there are already more than 25 countries that started the process, and there will be several more from the rest of today and tomorrow.

“We made accounts with Gines [González García, el ministro de Salud] and I think there are less than ten in the world who are already going to start a vaccination campaign around the world. That’s why i say what we have achieved is so important “, expressed the President today, during an interview with radio 10.

Fernández highlighted that the arrival of the first shipment of 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to Argentina coincided with the start of mass immunization campaigns in different “central” countries and promised that it will help Bolivia already Uruguay to obtain doses of the vaccines produced by Russia and China.

However, according to a survey of LA NACION in press agencies and media of different countries, The processes of applying the first doses of the different vaccines against coronavirus have already begun in more than 25 countries, in the different continents.

Among them are U.S, UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, Israel, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, China, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary, Denmark, Greece, Austria and Slovakia and Bahrain. Several of them applied the first doses several days ago, others began to inoculate today.

In the European Union, after the authorization of the use of the vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech, most of the countries of the bloc today began their vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus, following the passage of other states. The first doses of this vaccine arrived yesterday in the member countries of the regional bloc, escorted by security forces.

Before the EU, many countries had begun to vaccinate against the coronavirus, which left at least 1.7 million dead and infected almost 80 million worldwide, according to official data.

In Argentina, the first 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine, arrived on Thursday from Russia, will begin to be applied early on Tuesday. The inoculation will occur simultaneously in the 23 provinces and in the city of Buenos Aires, the president reported. “If the plan goes well, it will give us a lot of peace of mind, because we will have all the people at risk vaccinated when autumn arrives. It would be an achievement,” he said.

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