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Coronavirus: the Government organizes for next week the second flight to Moscow to bring Sputnik V vaccines

The arrival of the Sputnik vaccine Source: Archive

The Government organizes for next week the second flight to Moscow, Russia, to bring the planned new doses of Sputnik V vaccine, confirmed official sources to THE NATION.

As this medium learned, the flight could take off next Thursday, although logistics details remain to be evaluated.

This is the second shipment of the coronavirus vaccine produced in Russia to arrive in Argentina. The first consisted of 300,000 doses and they were transported by an Aerolineas Argentinas flight, whose plane, an Airbus 330-200, was specially modified inside for the transfer.

Meanwhile, Concern grows in the Casa Rosada about the increase in infections of coronavirus in the country registered in recent days. Yesterday the president Alberto Fernandez He proposed to the governors to restrict circulation “uniformly” throughout the country, between 11 pm and 6 am. The measure would take effect from the weekend.

The Executive seeks to limit the possibility of nights out with special concern in young people, and restrict the maximum to 10 people per meeting. At the same time, it is intended to further reduce trips abroad and require a PCR test for those arriving from another province. The control aims above all at limiting travel to destinations where there are the highest number of cases.

In addition, the Government will once again limit the use of public transport, which will be restricted to essential workers, as in the beginning of the quarantine.

In this way, the Casa Rosada will try to contain the outbreak of infections without limiting economic activity or frustrating the tourist movement during the summer season.

The vaccination campaign with the 300,000 doses of Sputnik V purchased from Russia began nine days ago in the country with the inoculation of doctors and nurses. The launch of the operation coincided with a strong outbreak of Covid-19 cases.

Of the total doses of the vaccine that arrived in Argentina from Russia, the following distribution was established: Buenos Aires (123,000 doses); Santa Fe (24,100); the City (23,100); Cordoba (21,900); Tucuman (11,500); Mendoza (11,000); Entre Ríos (10,100); Jump (8,300); Chaco (7,700); Currents (6,700); Santiago del Estero (5,900); Missions (5,200); San Juan (4,700); Jujuy (4,600); Rio Negro (4,400); Neuquen (3,600); Formosa (3,400); Saint Louis (3,300); Chubut (3,000); Catamarca (2,800); La Rioja (2,600); Santa Cruz (2,400); La Pampa (2,300) and Tierra del Fuego (1,300).

Vaccines to Expect

January 20: 5 million doses of Sputnik V.

February 1: 1.5 million doses of one of the Chinese vaccines.

End of February: 4.5 million doses of Astrazeneca vaccine.

According to the criteria of

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