Coronavirus Pfizer’s covid vaccine doesn’t give instant immunity: Ssa

Mexico City /

It is well known that the vaccine against covid-19 of Pfizer/BioNTech It’s conformed by two doses; however, after the second application it will take up to 14 days to be immune to diseaseexplained Ruy López Ridaura, CEO of National Center for Disease Control and Preventive Programs.

At the coronavirus press conference, Dr. López Ridaura on vaccine effectiveness, after a nurse in U.S test positive for covid even vaccinated. He explained that 21 days have to pass between the application of the first and second dose.

“It points out the importance of first dosess immunity is not achieved and you would have to continue making the same protections that you had been doing before; Immunity is not achieved immediately at the second dose, and even so, after 14 days, I think it is very important to continue maintaining certain actions at a healthy distance, “he said about the case.

Director of Dinner He asked to see progressively how vaccination progresses to begin to relax some public health measures. For now, he assured that it is a challenge to convince people to get vaccinated against coronavirus, As well as asking another part of the population to wait its turn, agreement to the national plan.


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