Coronavirus: Misiones began in 2021 with 47 confirmed cases

Coronavirus: Misiones began in 2021 with 47 confirmed cases

The infections correspond to Posadas, Oberá, Eldorado, Leandro N. Alem, Puerto Iguazú, Wanda and Puerto Esperanza. 38 recovered were also reported and 970 people have overcome the disease.

The Ministry of Health of Misiones announced this Friday 47 cases of coronavirus Covid-19 On the first day of the year, the Tierra Colorada reached 1426 accumulated infected since the pandemic began.

Of the total reported, 20 patients correspond to Posadas, 9 to Eldorado, 7 to Oberá, 5 to Leandro N. Alem, 3 to Puerto Iguazú, 2 to Wanda and 1 to Puerto Esperanza. As the report officially indicated, 46 have an established link and the remainder is still under study.

In the health report, it was reported that, with 21 hospitalized, there are currently 429 active cases in the province, leading that list Posadas with 232 infected and followed by Eldorado with 55.

Also, 38 new recoveries were notified and there are already 970 people who managed to overcome the disease. 27 people died from the virus in the Chlorinated Earth.



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