Coronavirus Mexico: deaths and confirmed cases, December 29

The Ministry of Health issues suggestions for residents of Mexico avoid getting coronavirus. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

Representatives of the Health Secretary (SSa) federal updated, in a press conference held at 7:00 p.m. in the Treasury Room of the National Palace, the data kept by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico:

  • Deaths: 123 thousand 845.
  • Accumulated negative cases: 1 million 762 thousand 561.
  • Accumulated confirmed cases: 1 million 401 thousand 529.
  • Suspicious cases with possibilities of results: 33,957.
  • Suspicious cases with no possibility of results: 143,372.

Mexico has a total of 70,203 active cases of coronavirus, those cases that have occurred in the last 14 days; In addition, there is a total of 1 million 058 thousand 429 people recovered from the disease. Meanwhile, the hospital occupation of general beds is led by the City of Mexico (89%), explained the daily technical report from In issued on this day.

For his part, Alethse de la Torre Rosas, director of the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV and AIDS (Censida), a specialist invited to this edition, made a call at the end of the year festivities: “many people of certain federative entities ”of Mexico “They occupy these days to move, and should avoid it in order to reduce transmission possibilities” of coronavirus “In other locations.”

Vaccine against coronavirus in Mexico

So far, in Mexico 18,529 vaccines have been applied against coronavirus, which translates as just over 4,600 doses per day, on average: “There are concerns and it is important” to address them, Hugo explained. López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, who clarified that, little by little, vaccines against coronavirus they will reach other entities.

“Half of the epidemic is in Ciudad de Mexico; half of (the occupation of hospital beds) is in Ciudad de Mexico. We will immediately extend to the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, that is, the health units in the State of Mexico because they have units with the highest number of cases of coronavirus”.

The Undersecretary of Health said that the vaccination plan against coronavirus It is initially aimed at older adults to reduce their mortality by up to 80%. People under 16 years of age will not be vaccinated in Mexico because, for ethical reasons in health research, citizens in that age range were not included in clinical trials.

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