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Coronavirus Mexico: deaths and confirmed cases, December 26

The Ministry of Health issues suggestions for the inhabitants of Mexico to avoid getting the coronavirus. Photo: Cuartoscuro

He report of the new coronavirus in Mexico, representatives of the Health Secretary (SSa) federal updated, in a press conference held at 7:00 p.m. in the Treasury Room of the National Palace, the data kept by the COVID-19:

  • Deaths: 122 thousand 026.
  • Accumulated negative cases: 1 million 732 thousand 238.
  • Accumulated confirmed cases: 1 million 377 thousand 217.

Coronavirus in Mexico

On Monday, the application of the second batch of vaccines will begin, and as Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, reported, on Saturday the second batch of vaccines against the coronavirus COVID-19 arrived from Pfizer-BioNTech with 42,900 doses distributed in 44 boxes, whose application will start next Monday, December 28.

The cargo from Antwerp, Belgium, was distributed among the international airports of the Mexico City (CDMX), where they arrived 34,125 doses, while a Monterrey, New Lion, they arrived 8,775 for the state of Coahuila, with the aim of continuing with the immunization plan in the country.

Mexico is one of the first 10 countries in the world to count with the coronavirus vaccine and that it was agreed with the Pfizer laboratory to obtain 34 million doses, in addition to the agreements with other companies.

However, López-Gatell previously expressed that, “despite the hope, optimism and joy that gives us to have started the vaccination” against coronavirus in Mexico, “It is very important that the population does not lose sight of the fact that the project has just started” and that this does not mean that the health emergency is under control, since there is an increase in the number of confirmed cases, he warned.

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