Coronavirus: “Maybe we lacked persuasion or com …

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, acknowledged that “maybe” the government authorities lacked “persuasion or communication” to raise awareness about the importance of taking extreme health care in the midst of the ebb of infections, but clarified that there is “a list of measures” that are already implemented in that direction.

“It is a very complicated social situation. Maybe we lack persuasion or communication, but we have a list of measures, always bearing in mind that it is summer,” he said.

In television statements, the official ruled out that if a second epidemiological wave were confirmed, the economy would once again paralyze. “Nor think of anything that restricts industrial and commercial activity, that’s for sure,” González García reassured. However, he admitted that monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus and social behavior brings “concern.”

“The measures that had been complied with so well, both individually and in collective meetings, have been set aside a little,” he lamented, while questioning the organization of clandestine parties that have been taking place throughout the country for months. For the minister, “as long as we do not have a change in individual behavior, it will be very difficult” to contain the reappearance of cases and the consequences that it brings at the health level.

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