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Coronavirus: Macrismo seems closer to the virus …

The leadership of Together for Change came out to question the decision of the national government to move forward again with restrictions due to the increase in cases of coronavirus. They did so even before knowing the content of the measures. In a statement entitled “The restriction of freedoms cannot be the only answer to the health crisis,” the presidents of the blocks of the opposition space considered that the decision “restricts individual freedoms.” The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, directly stated that President Alberto Fernández “arrogates to himself the power of a monarch.” From the national government, they recalled that, in addition to opposing prevention measures over and over again, from that political space Elisa Carrió questioned the effectiveness of vaccines.

Hours before details of the night restriction and other measures to curb the increase in cases were known, Juntos por el Cambio released a statement in which it considered that “the national government chooses to restrict individual freedoms as a sole response to the health crisis of the coronavirus. The curfew that is intended only confirms the mixture of the failure of health policy and the official attempt to mount on popular events that they tried to turn into official events ”.

The leaders thus criticized the funeral of Diego Armando Maradona and the rallies in favor of legal abortion: “This is how massive events were allowed at a time when, with the efforts of all, the infections had dropped, and they could have an orderly summer , with the possibility for thousands of businesses to reopen their doors and for the workers to return to their activities ”. “Now the burden of failure and negligence in handling the pandemic has a new scapegoat: young people, generating a new imaginary enemy in young people; It cannot be such a great absurdity ”, they remarked. The leaders demanded that the measures be decided in Congress and that economic activity be prioritized. In passing, they asked for “restrictive measures to agricultural activity”, to join the claim of the Liaison Table.

Bullrich he pointed out before that statement with his anti-monarchical criticism: “The curfew must be approved in Congress; it is not the power of a monarch. Who pays for the failure of the Government’s health policy? Millions of Argentines who cannot work. Another blow to the workers! “, Said the former Minister of Labor of the Alliance.

Although he maintains distances with the president of the PRO, the head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, also did not agree with the measure. In the meeting with Alberto Fernández, he proposed restricting the activity of clubs and restaurants, but not circulation in general. They were waiting to see the details of the decree, to analyze if they can make the measure as flexible as possible. Córdoba, under the command of Juan Schiaretti, would be in a similar position.

One of the first responses from the ruling party came from Hurlingham where its mayor, Juan Zabaleta, wrote a tweet: “It would be good if” Together for the Communiqué “stops tribunals and collaborates a little. They go out in droves to criticize measures that They announced! Stop politicizing the pandemic. Stop permanently causing anguish and discomfort. Isn’t the military against the vaccine enough? “

For his part, the head of the National Committee of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, affirmed that the new measures are “a palpable proof of the failure of Alberto Fernández’s health strategy and a huge restriction on the economy to once again generate an epic story that we are in very bad shape and that it is because of young people when, in reality , a specific plan was never made to prevent outbreaks or increases in infections such as those that are occurring now ”.

Meanwhile, the head of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro, affirmed that “They propose, as the only measure and response, to restrict our freedoms and rights, to continue prohibiting and that young people are the new responsible. Restricting individual freedoms and a permanent state of exception as the only responses to the health crisis is very dangerous from the social and institutional aspects, ”said the deputy.

For his part, the head of the PRO deputies bloc, Cristian Ritondo, – who is isolated after having been in contact with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who tested positive for covid-19 – said that “after a failure that it is quite long the contradictions enter, as it was, first, csummon massive events such as the Maradona wake and mobilizations for the wealth tax and abortion, while now they want to blame it on the 200 boys who hang out on the beach ”.

For the vice president of the PRO, Federico Angelini, “the President and his vice (or vice versa) have been more focused on their internal politics and in playing House of Cards in order to subjugate institutions, private property and the Judiciary, so they have ignored the management of measures aimed at improving the health system. “

Meanwhile, the deputy of the UCR Louis petri affirmed “any decision on restrictions to individual liberties, be it quarantine or curfew, must be ordered by Congress, not by means of DNU only signed by the President and less if it establishes criminal consequences.” Petri cited the Pact of San José de Costa Rica and tried a legal argument.

In legal terms, the controller of the Río Turbio Carboniferous Oilfields, Anibal Fernández, replied: “Be suspicious of anyone who calls the San Jose de Costa Rica Pact what is called the American Convention.What a legal beast to suppose that the American Convention for the Rights of Man prohibits DNUs and decrees“.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense, Agustin Rossi, questioned Cornejo’s sayings and also warned about Carrió’s latest statements that the anti-vaccine campaign is “absolutely irresponsible. They are playing with the health of Argentines.” “If there are Argentines who do not get vaccinated because of what Carrió says and then die, who takes care of that? “Rossi wondered.

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