Coronavirus in the US: Biden wants a million vaccinations a day

The elected US President Biden has criticized his predecessor Trump’s vaccination program and wants to accelerate it drastically. In the meantime, the corona mutation has also been detected in the USA for the first time.

By Jule Käppel, ARD-Studio Washington

The schedule can no longer be kept. By the end of the year, 20 million US citizens should be vaccinated. The government’s corona task force had promised that. But data from the US health authority show that only 2.1 million people are vaccinated.

The delivery does not go as planned either. The US Department of Health wanted to distribute 100 million doses of vaccine in December. But only around 11 million have arrived in the states.

Biden wants to encourage arms production

President-elect Joe Biden presented his vaccination schedule in a speech. At the current rate, it would take years or months for all Americans to be vaccinated, Biden said. He wants to massively accelerate the vaccination rate.

His goal: a million vaccinations a day. A law on arms production should help. Biden wants to use it to encourage companies to produce more protective equipment and medical supplies for vaccinations.

Virus mutation detected for the first time in the USA

In his speech, the President-elect had repeatedly called for people to wear masks. He warned of what could be the toughest phase of the pandemic in the coming weeks.

The particularly contagious coronavirus variant has now also reached the USA. The mutation was detected for the first time in the US state of Colorado.

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