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Coronavirus in Poland: celebrities vaccinated – health minister calls for clarification

Warsaw Medical University is at the center of a possible vaccination scandal. Several celebrities were vaccinated there, as the clinic has admitted.

Poland’s Health Minister Adam Niedzielski reacted with clear criticism. It was absolutely unacceptable if corona vaccinations were not given according to the established rules, but by hospital managers according to “criteria of privilege,” he said on TV.

In Poland, medical personnel and paramedics are vaccinated in “Phase 0”. On Thursday the Warsaw clinic announced that it had received 450 additional doses of vaccine.

Since these should have been used by the end of 2020, the decision was made to vaccinate 300 hospital employees, 150 relatives of employees and “patients of the hospital and its branches,” the clinic said.

These include 18 “well-known personalities from art and culture”. You would have agreed to act later as an ambassador for a vaccination campaign. According to the PAP agency, the spokeswoman for the medical university did not want to say who it was.

The Polish National Health Fund announced that the process would be examined on the recommendation of the Minister of Health. The vaccination may only be administered to other people if those from the authorized circle did not appear and the substance would otherwise expire.

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