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Coronavirus: In New Years, Jalisco exceeds six thousand deaths from COVID-19

With 49 new deaths registered this Friday, January 1, deaths from COVID-19 in Jalisco reached 6,008, reported the Jalisco Health Secretariat. The figure is much higher than that accumulated by entire countries such as Greece, Guatemala, China or Panama, which do not even reach five thousand victims.

The state agency clarified that the deaths did not occur in the last 24 hours, but that people died in the last days but that their case was recently notified to the health authorities.

Further, More than a thousand new cases were added again, with 1,095, to accumulate 145,198 people who have been infected since the first positive case of the virus was registered in the entity, in mid-March 2020.

The number of municipalities with active cases of sick people is currently 105, if the patients who started with symptoms in the last 14 days are taken as active cases, although there are people who can overcome this period even with the disease.

The number of sick people has caused several hospitals in the entity to be saturated in the spaces of intensive care units.

For example, the Hospital de Especialidades en Oblatos, Clínica 46 del Seguro Social and Hospital Real San José are at full capacity.

While the Zapopan Military Nursing and the Valentín Gómez Farías Hospital are at 90 and 92%, respectively.

Two other hospitals with most of their spaces in intensive care occupied by more than half are the Clinic 110, the Regional Military Hospital of Guadalajara and the Ángel Leaño.

During December 2020, a record of new infections was broken in a single day, with 1,200 on the 21st; as well as more deaths added to the statistics, with 68 on the 30th of that month.



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