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Coronavirus in Mexico: report of deaths and confirmed cases, January 6

The Ssa reported the coronavirus situation in Mexico on January 6. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health (SSa) Federal government updated on Wednesday, in a press conference held at 7:00 p.m. in the Treasury Room of the National Palace, the data kept by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and Mexico It is January 6, 2021.

Ricardo Cortés, General Director of Health Promotion, Ssa, reported that until this January 6th, 1 million 479 thousand 835 confirmed people and 129 thousand 987 deaths have been registered due to coronavirus in Mexico since the pandemic began to be treated.

He said the City of Mexico and State of Mexico they continue to lead in the occupation of general beds and with a fan “above 70%” and that until this January 6th, there is a cumulative total of 53,185 people who have already received their first dose of vaccine against coronavirus.

On the other hand reported that Mexico has already received 107,250 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 from Pfizer-BioNTech, this to face the pandemic by the new coronavirus, first identified in Wuhan, China, in late 2019.

Although now it is beginning to have vaccines to face the new coronavirus (COVID-19) he 2021 will continue to be marked by strong epidemic activity and hospitalizations and deaths, said Cristian Morales Fuhrimann, representative of PAHO / WHO in Mexico.

In order for us to reach the necessary thresholds for the protection to be effective, for the entire social group in this case, it will require a lot of force and a lot of time, so, during that time the epidemic will continue to hit, the majority will be mild cases, but we will always have those cases that will require hospitalization and of course those who will also require intubation and unfortunately those who will continue to die this year, he added.

On the other hand, Ricardo Cortés added that “to the cut that we have until this January 6th, in Mexico A total of 2,397 deaths from coronavirus have been registered in health personnel, of which 61% are female; women represent a lethality of 1.3% and by profession, the majority are nursing personnel, 40% of nurses and 8% of nurses ”.

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