Coronavirus in Mexico: Alert about vaccine fraud

The Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell warned about two incidents of fraud that have been detected in the country related to vaccination against COVID-19.

In the daily conference on the pandemic in Mexico he said that The first case occurred in Quintana Roo, with people who supposedly identified themselves as vaccination brigades by Pfizer, which was denied by the state and federal governments.

“They made house-to-house visits saying that they were going to collect data to start the vaccination. It is not the case. Let the entire population know that there should not be any personnel who identify themselves as Pfizer or personnel making house-to-house visits.”

The second they identified was an email address that is a forgery of a web page. Pfizer, the company that manufactures the only vaccines that have reached the country. The federal official said that he thanked the company Pfizer Mexico, which was the one that warned promptly about this irregularity. The FALSE page is

“It is an apocryphal address that does not correspond to Pfizer Mexico and we are doing the actions to inactivate it and prosecute the alleged crime of fraud and those that correspond “.

He pointed out that in said portal a telephone is shown to make supposed orders for the vaccine, but the biological one is not for sale, he recalled.

“We remember that there are no vaccine requests. In Mexico there is no authorization for the sale of vaccine. If someone tries to sell you covid vaccines, they are committing fraud and putting you at risk, “he explained.


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