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Coronavirus in Mendoza: the occupation of beds in intensive care decreased

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The Ministry of Health reported that, in the last week, there were 622 infections and 7 deaths, in the weekly report that is delivered every Friday. But the encouraging data between last week and this one is the decrease in the occupancy of intensive therapy beds occupied by patients with COVID in the health system.

On the other hand, the health portfolio reported that this Friday, January 1, there will be no data and that the infections of the last 48 hours will only be reported this Saturday, 2.

The province accumulates 57,496 confirmed, 44,593 recovered and 1,250 deceased.

According to the report, in the week of December 25 to 31, 2020, until 9:10 p.m. on Thursday, there were 622 cases and 2,780 recovered. Regarding deaths, there were 7 deaths and 5 deaths reported in SISA this week (corresponds to people who died with earlier dates).

On the other hand, the age group from 15 to 59 years old, continues to be where the most infections occur and also where the highest percentage of recovery occurs. It is maintained in 80.3% of those infected.

At this point, the youngest continues to be the age group that registers the most infections and, in general, this sector passes the disease with mild symptoms. The average age of the recovered is 42 years, of the deceased 72 years and of the confirmed 42 years.

The percentage of deaths according to the age group shows that Mendoza has a Mortality of 659.80 per million inhabitants and a Fatality of 2.17% for the total of those confirmed by COVID-19.

The group most vulnerable to the disease continues to be the elderly. 76.6% of the deceased are between 60 and 89 years old, and persons over 90 years old represent 6.9%.

Regarding the number of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds occupied by patients with COVID-19, in Greater Mendoza it is 37.11% and 36.31% in the entire province.

This implies a decrease compared to the previous week, before Christmas. At that time, the occupational factor of ICU beds in Greater Mendoza was 51.04% and 45.91% in the entire Mendoza territory. That is, a drop of 14 points in the metropolitan area and of almost 10 points in the entire province.

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