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Coronavirus in Jalisco: They ask to leave politics and prioritize patient care

Andrea’s grandfather, sick with COVID-19, went through several private hospitals before arriving at Ángel Leaño, restored with 262 million pesos (MDP) to treat only patients with the virus.

“It is currently saturated although the governor said it was not even at half capacity. Unfortunately, my grandfather was already very ill by the time he got there and passed away 15 days ago, ”he shared.

While patients go from one place to another in search of a space, the Government of Jalisco and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) discuss whether the saturation of beds is in the medical centers of one or another institution, so specialists asked to put aside political disputes and prioritize the solution for the sick.

Carlos Alonso Reynoso, academic at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), highlighted that “when politics gets into health issues, patients are the harmed. In addition to saturation there are shortage of oxygen tanks, so it is urgent that they take action on the matter ”.

Augusto Chacón, director of the Jalisco Como Vamos citizen observatory, added that the dispute between the IMSS and the State “tells us about everything we have seen in the pandemic: authorities who do not agree and each one seeing how the progress is and the impact it has had, but there is no national perspective, there is no joint effort ”.

In the same vein, David Pérez Rulfo, director of Corporativa de Fundaciones AC and promoter of the adjustments to Ángel Leaño, shared that “it should not be relevant who helps whom, but rather that people be helped. Why is it not simply said that both institutions supported each other? “

They promise coordination

The Government of Jalisco assured that there will be no confrontation with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), but “coordinated and respectful work” with that and all the institutions of the Health sector in the country.

Via statement, he affirmed that he “ratifies his will” to fight the pandemic, because “it is time to be united and to continue working together as has been done during the pandemic in these 10 months.”

The most recent general indicator of hospital occupancy that was shared is 46.6% of beds enabled for patients from COVID-19 in the Entity.

Yesterday, the IMSS affirmed that the transfer of a floor of the Ángel Leaño Hospital is actually a support for the State, “so that given the lack of capacity that they (Jalisco) may have, the Institute supports them.”

Relatives of patients wait outside the IMSS clinic 110. THE INFORMER / F. Attilano

They suffer for spaces and for the “grid”

Although the governor of Jalisco has repeated that the hospital occupation by COVID-19 in the State is less than 50%, patients do not perceive it that way, since several of them have gone from hospital to hospital in search of a place.

Giovani, for example, waited three days for a space in clinic 110 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

“He was in a hospital in Zapopan with oxygen, but they told us they had to move him here because they didn’t have the necessary equipment. We wanted to put him in Ángel Leaño and they told us they couldn’t get there. It was stable, but it already got worse. Maybe, if they had treated him there, right now we would be talking about something else, ”shared José, his father.

Andrea also had to make a pilgrimage, but between private hospitals because her grandfather did not have insurance. Some did not care for COVID-19 patients and those that did, he said, they asked for a deposit of 40 thousand pesos and warned a stay of 15 days that would add at least one million pesos.

He said that they charged him 27,000 pesos just for taking oxygenation data and other issues that he considered “basic.”

Norma happened something like that, because her mother-in-law visited several medical centers before finding a place in the clinic 110, which according to the federal Ministry of Health is 96% of its capacity.

For his part, Javier shared that there is no space in the Juan I. Menchaca Civil Hospital either, because when his father entered they were warned that there were only two beds left, when according to official reports, it has an occupation of 18%.

To talk about the availability of beds, an interview was requested from the authorities. There was no answer.

Now Mexico records a record in deaths

Mexico yesterday registered a new record of daily deaths caused by COVID-19, with 1,165 people died. This raised the total death toll from the pandemic of the new coronavirus to 129 thousand 987, according to data from the federal government.


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