Coronavirus in Jalisco: Despite the button, positivity increases and hospitalized

The application of the new version of the emergency button with restrictive measures to prevent COVID-19 infections in Jalisco is not yet reflected in the reduction of cases and hospital occupancy.

The governor of Jalisco reported, via social networks, that the hospital occupancy of general beds for people affected by the virus increased to 40.7%; last week it was 34%. The Intensive Care Units (ICU) are still at half their capacity (51%) with a slight reduction compared to the previous report which was 53.2%.

The positivity rate also grew, 46.5 out of 100 tests applied tested positive for the virus.

“Unfortunately, the December meetings will continue to be reflected in infections, we hope that the measures we take to reduce mobility at night and on the weekends, until January 10, will help us reverse the trend, cut chains of infections and save lives,” he wrote the governor.

The Central Region, where the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) is located, registered 56.5% occupancy in ICU; while the North Region reported occupied 78.6% of the general beds. According to official figures, there are 95 municipalities with high risk of contagion.

On the federal platform, the total occupancy in general beds, the Guadalajara Military Hospital, the Real San José Hospital and the Zapopan Military Nursing Unit. Hospitals 14, 45, 89, 110 and 180 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) are reported above 80% occupancy.

In beds equipped with a ventilator, to attend the most serious patients, the General Hospital 45 of the IMSS in Guadalajara, the Real San José Hospital and the Regional Hospitals of Ciudad Guzmán and Yahualica were reported 100%.



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