Coronavirus in Jalisco: An increase in hospital capacity is announced

He Government of Jalisco announced that increase hospital capacity to serve COVID-19 patients in the state, with 206 beds, due to the recent increase in infections and hospitalized patients.

In a video on his social networks, the governor of Jalisco ruled out a saturation of hospitals in the entity, but indicated that given the upward trend in cases and hospitalizations, actions will be taken preventively to prevent system overflow.

Currently there is a 44.3% bed occupancy COVID-19 throughout Jalisco and a 52.4% occupancy in intensive care units (UCI).

On January 3 it was reported an occupancy in hospitals of 40.7% and 51% in (ICU).

The governor detailed two actions to increase the room for maneuver of hospital capacity.

On the one hand, they will add 134 beds (including 15 from ICU and 6 from intensive therapy) in civil hospitals, the Hospital General de Occidente and Ángel Leaño state system.

And on the other, he reported that IMSS will be supported, which is the responsibility of the federal government, in order to “depressurize” its system, by giving it a floor of the Ángel Leaño Hospital with 72 beds available.

The president indicated that the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG), the occupancy level in the IMSS reaches 78%.

He added that the results described above encourage us to move forward and ask the people of Jalisco not to lower their guard against COVID-19.

“We are in a very delicate moment, we cannot trust ourselves, we cannot slow down,” he said.

They will evaluate the extent of measures

The state president announced that the January 15 will be presented the court and evaluation of the containment measures applied in Jalisco from December 25 to January 10, and based on this, it will be defined if adjustments in the strategy are required.

He said that despite the increase in infections in recent days and the hospital capacity, Jalisco is the fifth state in the country with the lowest rate of accumulated cases and the eighth with the lowest mortality rate, a result of the strategies implemented by the Executive.

“It will be until January 15 when we will be able to do an in-depth evaluation and analysis to define if new measures have to be taken, it is essential to understand this part. I also say it this way, this part of the increase that is seen in the graphs, where the number of infections and the number of people hospitalized continues to grow rapidly, has to do not with what is happening today, if not with what happened precisely in the Christmas season, with everything that was generated from mobility, ”explained the governor.



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