Coronavirus in Córdoba: 6 deaths and 346 new infections – News

The Ministry of Health of the Province reported this Sunday that 103 of the total cases correspond to Córdoba capital and 243 inside, with the following distribution by departments:

Calamuchita: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita 3; Villa General Belgrano 1.

Colon: Colonia Caroya 5; Jesus Maria 5; The Farm 1; Ceballos River 2; Exit 1; Salsipuedes 3; Unquillo 2; Villa Allende 1.

Axis Cross: city of Cruz del Eje 7.

General Roca: Huinca Renancó 3.

General San Martin: Villa Maria 5.

Ischilín: Quilino 1.

Marcos Juarez: Alejo Ledesma 2; Corral de Bustos 13; High Cross 1.

President Roque Sáenz Peña: Laboulaye 2.

Punilla: Villa Carlos Paz 1; Garden Villa 1.

Fourth quarter: Chaján 1; The Slopes 3; city ​​of Río Cuarto 22.

River First: Diego de Rojas 1.

Dry river: Villa de María 1.

Second River: Colazo 1; Pillar 3; Well of Molle 1; city ​​of Río Segundo 2.

St. Albert: no location data 1.

San Javier: Villa Dolores 6.

Saint just: Altos de Chipión 2; Spa 11; Devotee 1; Freyre 3; Miramar de Ansenuza 2; Mortars 12; Porteña 13; San Francisco 14; no location data 2.

Santa Maria: High Grace 4; Cliffs 2; Skirt of Carmen 1; Lozada 2; Malagueño 1; Toledo 2; no location data 1.

Third Top: Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield 1; Hernando 3; Olive 8.

Totoral: Villa del Totoral 1.

Union: Bell Ville 40; Justiniano Posse 6; Mount Firewood 1; Noetinger 3; San Marcos Sud 3; no location data 2.

On the other hand, 10 cases were reported to the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS), corresponding to people with residence in Río Negro, La Pampa, San Luis, Tucumán, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego and Chubut, but with legal address in the province of Córdoba.

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The notification and uploading of data in the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS) regarding people with a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Covid-19, as well as the deceased, is the responsibility of each of the health effectors.

From the beginning of the pandemic to date, 584,021 people were tested with PCR (swabs) in the province of Córdoba. This results in a rate of 155,306 people studied with CRP for every 1 million inhabitants.

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Likewise, in the different strategies of access to diagnosis, a total of 2,899 studies were carried out today, of which 2,542 correspond to sampling with swabs (PCR), 260 to antigen tests and 97 to serological tests. The swabs for PCR are processed by the Central Laboratory of the Province of Córdoba and the Network of Molecular Biology Laboratories of the public and private subsector.

This Sunday, six deaths were reported by Covid-19 in the province of Córdoba, according to the detail below:


2 residents of Córdoba capital, 33 and 51 years old.

2 Bell Ville residents, ages 80 and 90.


1 Bell Ville resident, 95 years old.

1 resident of Porteña, 60 years old.

All the people were hospitalized and had previous pathologies.

As for the recovered persons, the proportion of discharges in relation to the total of confirmed cases in the province of Córdoba is 94%.

Occupation of critical beds from Covid-19 for adults

To date, 515 people are hospitalized in beds in Covid-19 adult units, which represents 21.4% of the total beds in the Córdoba province.

Of the total number of people hospitalized in critical beds, 91 are on mechanical ventilation, which represents 17.6% of the total.

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