Coronavirus in CDMX: how to locate the health kiosk closest to your home to perform a rapid antigen test

The result is ready in 20 minutes.  (Photo: Reuters)
The result is ready in 20 minutes. (Photo: Reuters)

The so-called rapid antigen tests, those that allow to reveal the result of coronavirus in at least 20 minutes, are the main reliable application to isolate immediately in case of being positive for COVID-19.

Given this, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, He recalled what is the message and number to locate the kiosk closest to his home and be able to go to perform this test.

The capital’s president stressed that in case of symptoms or suspicion, the interested party should go to a macro kiosk or Health Center and take the test.

“I remind them that if they have symptoms or were in contact with someone positive to #Covid19, It is important take a test and stay at home until receiving results, “he stressed through his social networks.

To locate the nearest kiosk you can send an SMS message (Photo: Pixabay)
To locate the nearest kiosk you can send an SMS message (Photo: Pixabay)

In order to locate the macro kiosk closest to your home, the SMS message that the citizen must send via mobile is: “Test” to 51515.

Users will also be able to see the interactive map with the 200 points established for applications, in addition to health centers, which can be accessed from your cell phone or computer. The access link is:

This weekend the process continues to find out if there are more positives in CDMX, after last Friday, December 25, a Christmas holiday, they suspended services in the 117 Health Centers at the service of citizens, as well as in the 16 macro kiosks installed in some priority attention neighborhoods.

Therefore, this Saturday December 26 and Sunday 27 service will continue at the aforementioned locations.

The service hours per day are:

* December 26: will be available 16 macro kiosks, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and those that are located in the esplanade of the Azteca Stadium and in the Jaime Sabines House will be included.

They will also provide service through 117 Health Centers, where they will take samples from the public from 09:00 to 13:00.

* December 27: in this case, residents of the capital may also appear at the Health Centers, with a schedule from 09:00 to 13:00.

To locate the various kiosks in CDMX, you can click here.

Further, Claudia Sheinbaum He reiterated what are the five basic rules that must be respected, with the intention of stopping the wave of COVID-19, which continues to reduce the lives of hundreds of people in the country.

Sheinbaum recalled what the 5 basic rules are to avoid contagion.  (Photo: AFP)
Sheinbaum recalled what the 5 basic rules are to avoid contagion. (Photo: AFP)

Five basic rules

1.- Stay home. If you do not have to go out, do not go out, do not expose yourself, avoid getting infected or infecting your family.

2.- If it is essential for you to go out, wear a mask and always keep a healthy distance of 1.5 meters.

3.- No parties, posadas or gatherings with friends and family. A call is made to spend the holidays only with people who live in the same house.

4.-Purchases should only be made by one person in the household.

5.- If you are positive for COVID-19, isolate yourself for 15 days and call Locatel (55-5658-1111) to receive support and medical follow-up.

The CDMX government reported that with the intention of stopping contagion cases in the capital, they set the goal of applying 20,000 daily tests.

Once infected, they are immediately isolated for a period of 15 days. They provide them with a medical, food and economic kit, as well as a medical and strategic follow-up until they improve.

A few days ago, the undersecretary of health, Hugo López-Gatell, in coordination with the presidents of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, and the CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, extended an urgent call to citizens to stay at home, with the objective of lowering the wave of contagion and deaths left by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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