Coronavirus in Argentina | Those arriving from more than 150 kilometers away must be tested in the City

The rezoning project includes 17-hectare state-owned land in Costa Salguero, whose concession expires in 2021. (NA)

The new vehicle testing center was enabled this Sunday at the Costa Salguero Center. (Photo: NA)

He Government of the City of Buenos Aires enabled this Sunday a fourth testing center of coronavirus for residents and tourists coming from more than 150 kilometers away. Also, it determined the requirements that must be met in addition to the test and the sworn statement. The measurements are part of the new prevention plan against the rise in infections.

The new test center is for vehicular attention and is located in the Costa Salguero estate. According to the Buenos Aires government, the objective is “reinforce operations during peak dates, especially at parties and fortnight refills ”.

“If you spent Christmas or are going to spend the New Year more than 150 km from the City and for more than 4 days, it is important that take a turn in advance so that when you come back you can take the test in any of the testing centers “, reported the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, through his Twitter account.

He also explained that the new center in Costa Salguero “will work from December 27 to January 6, of the January 15-20 and from January 30 to February 5, from 7 to 21 hours ”.

This property is “exclusively for service inside vehicles and with shift“, And will allow” to reinforce the operation during peak dates, especially during the Holidays and fortnight replacement “.

In accordance with the indications of the City Government, they must be tested “over 12 years old that they do not live in the City of Buenos Aires ”and that“ they arrive from more than 150 kilometers away and stay at least one day ”.

They should also take the test “those who live in the City and return from more than 150 kilometers away after more than four days ”.

Positive results are communicated by telephone by Health personnel. If the confirmed has medical insurance, social work or prepaid, the corresponding monitoring continues by this means. If they do not have medical coverage, the confirmed person is isolated in a Covid hotel of the GCBA from which the corresponding monitoring is carried out, ”said the City Executive.

The national tourists may enter to the City by bus through the terminal Dellepiane O private vehicle, in addition to by air with arrival at Ezeiza airport.

National visitors and residents of the City who have traveled within the country and arrive by airway must perform a test upon arrival in Ezeiza, It does not require a previous shift. While those who enter micro, they must do it in terminal Dellepiane, also without previous shift.

The greatest control drawback will be seen among those who arrive in vehicles individuals or other media that, according to the City, “should take the test within 72 hours at any of the enabled test points ”. In this case Yes, you must request an appointment online in advance of arrival, to coordinate the day of arrival with the test shift, an essential requirement to access the exam.

Regardless of the place of origin, all residents arriving from abroad must complete the sworn declaration of Migrations and carry out a test and origen 72 hours in advance. In addition, if the destination is the City of Buenos Aires, they must complete the sworn statement online and take the test upon arrival in Ezeiza, without prior appointment. This adds to the amandatory seven-day stay to be done by those who arrive until January 8.

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