Coronavirus in Argentina | Sergio Berni compared the young people who spend the summer on the Atlantic Coast with the Malvinas fighters

It was during a press conference to alert about the increase in COVID-19 cases. (Photo: NA)

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni He resorted to a controversial comparison on Tuesday to send a message to young people who spend the summer on the Atlantic Coast. During a press conference to warn of the increase in coronavirus cases, compared them to the Falklands fighters and he told them: “Today you have the opportunity to take charge of looking after the interests of all Argentines.”

One of the issues discussed by officials at Tuesday’s meeting headed by the governor Axel Kicillof it was the relaxation of the coronavirus prevention measures that was observed in the first days of the summer season on the coast. The head of the Province Security portfolio stressed that there is an “overflow” among youth groups and referred to the images that circulated. “We see that They ignore the provisions that are issued or to the advice not to get together and not crowd, ”he said.

In this context, he drew a parallel with the Malvinas war to “convey a message to the youth”: “I am from the generation of ’62, where many They spent four months in a trench with a rifle on their shoulders, frozen and defending the interests of the homeland ”. “It occurred to none of them to go dancing or protest because they couldn’t go out. They assumed the historical responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the homeland ”, he stated.

For Berni, the youth have “the possibility to take the lead and look after the interests of the Argentines.” Said they have a “historical responsibility” and assured that must “make a commitment” to bring peace of mind that the summer season can continue to develop despite the advance of the coronavirus pandemic. “I have no doubt that they will understand,” he said.

In Tuesday’s conference, the governor confirmed that for the moment there will be no restrictions to prevent the movement of people on the Atlantic Coast. “We want to avoid taking measures that affect work and production. At the same time, we need to protect the much-needed rest, but we do not want that for those who do not take care of themselves we have to make any determination. It is not a threat, but to take care of health and life. We are going to open everything we can to take care of the economy ”, he assured.

The Governor and the mayors agreed on the need to deepen prevention measures and ask for more social responsibility. The provincial president said that they attribute the increase in cases “To the circulation of people and the contact between them.” For now, the Buenos Aires administration ruled out implementing a “curfew” that makes it impossible for people to circulate at night. The measure was analyzed as a way to try to put an end to clandestine parties.

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