Coronavirus in Argentina: Roberto Baradel was admitted to La Plata

Coronavirus in Argentina: Roberto Baradel was admitted to La Plata – LA NACION

Baradel hospitalized in La Plata for coronavirus Source: Archive – Credit: Santiago Hafford

The general secretary of the Unified Union of Education Workers of Buenos Aires (Suteba), Roberto Baradel, this interned since the weekend at the Italian Hospital in La Plata because he was infected with coronavirus.

As he could know THE NATION, The union leader entered the health center with some fever lines and, after undergoing the control, he tested positive for Covid-19. A close friend of him said that Baradel is in good spirits and is responding to treatment. The 52-year-old union member is not in intensive care and remains isolated in hospital.

A month ago, Baradel had suggested that teachers should be among the priority staff to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

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