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Coronavirus in Argentina | Lack of control at a clandestine party in Claromecó: they beat and stoned policemen who tried to dismantle it

Justice was able to identify the aggressors. (Photo: capture)

Young people who participated in a clandestine party organized on Saturday in a Claromecó spa, in Tres Arroyos, beat and stoned policemen who arrived at the scene to break up the event. The images are known amid the Government’s concern for the “Relaxation” of protection measures in the face of the coronavirus and the growing increase in cases at the beginning of the summer season.

The episode happened on Saturday around 5 in the morning. In dialogue with TN, the municipal delegate Julián Lamberti explained that several neighbors gave notice to the Police that, in a sector of the waterfront, a clandestine party was being held in which about 150 people participated. Some 15 troops arrived at the scene and several young people confronted them when they wanted to dissuade them. “What do you look like, crazy?” one of those present yelled at the officers.

In the images you can see that there were runs, pushes and that several people they threw bottles and stones at the patrol cars. A group of boys also grabbed an officer by the neck and threw him to the ground. Lamberti indicated that, thanks to the videos released, the authorities were able to identify those who participated in the riots. “Justice is acting”, he claimed. He also said that this Wednesday the head of Operation Sol will visit Claromecó to reinforce security measures.

“We have been working very hard on this problem. The trend throughout the province is similar. In the absence of nighttime proposals, young people somehow seek the return to, despite everything, carry forward these meetings, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes organized ”, he stated. “We come running after them every holy day,” he said.

The official highlighted the reaction of the troops, who despite being armed, did not respond violently. He indicated that in Claromecó they dismantled several events of this type, some even with 600 participants. Clandestine parties and crowds in bars are a big concern for the government these days. On alert for the increase in coronavirus cases, the president Alberto Fernandez this Wednesday held a virtual meeting with governors, whom He proposed applying a “sanitary curfew” between 11pm and 6am throughout the country.

In addition to raising the night curfew, the Government prepares an awareness plan to avoid the relaxation of the various age groups. The idea, as the governor announced on Tuesday Axel Kicillof, is to place greater emphasis on compliance with sanitary measures and protocols. Even some basic ones, such as wearing the mask and maintaining social distance.

After the end of the year celebrations, the official records of the Ministry of Health of the Nation began to report a sustained rise in cases. According to the latest report, 13,790 new infected in just 24 hours. In the Government they understand that there is a marked indiscipline of young people, who are even aggressive in the face of calls for attention from the police authorities.

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