Coronavirus in Argentina | How the summer season continues on the Atlantic Coast and what will be the security measures after the increase in cases

The Government remains on alert to the increase in cases of coronavirus in Argentina and follows with special attention the health situation on the Atlantic Coast, where in recent days images of beaches full of people have become viral, outside of the established protocols. Although this Sunday the Minister of Tourism Matias Lammens affirmed that it is not in the plans “to suspend the summer season”, the Buenos Aires parties evaluate intensifying protection measures to avoid overflows.

The numbers of coronavirus cases in Argentina increased significantly in recent weeks and the authorities are already talking about an upcoming outbreak. This Sunday, the president Alberto Fernandez led an event in Chapadmalal and assured that “Young people are the ones who are most neglected” against the disease. Therefore, he called for “individual responsibility” to contain the contagion curve and asked to remember that “the pandemic did not end.”

In this context, the Government analyzes restrictive measures in traffic and night activities. On the Atlantic Coast, in the middle of the summer season, they aim to reinforce controls to avoid crowds on the beaches and clandestine parties.

The Government remains on alert for the increase in cases and is closely monitoring the situation on the Atlantic Coast.  (Photo: Twitter @BarreraGusOk)
The Government remains on alert for the increase in cases and is closely monitoring the situation on the Atlantic Coast. (Photo: Twitter @BarreraGusOk)

The head of advisers of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health Enio García revealed this Sunday that the province of Buenos Aires is analyzing implementing “a pool of restrictions“To put a stop contagions. Around the versions about the start-up of a Night “curfew”, detailed: “Some countries in the world are implementing it and WHO recommends restricting hours, which affects the issue of bars, but you have to be careful because can lead to clandestine parties”.

In addition, he anticipated that they are looking for a way “to be a little more punctilious” with tourist trips to the Atlantic Coast. “In the interior of the Province the sanitary structure does not have the size of the AMBA ”, he pointed. “As you move away from the City of Buenos Aires, the health system becomes weaker,” he said.

Coast Party

The Ministry of Tourism reported this Sunday that La Costa is the most popular tourist destination for Argentines since the summer season began. According to the records in the platform or in the Cuidar Verano app, more than 210,000 people.

Faced with concern about the increase in coronavirus infections, the Mayor Cristian Cardozo said this Sunday that on December 31 no large concentrations of people were recorded in the New Year celebrations and stressed that the geographical layout of the municipality and the large stretches of beach in the 14 cities that comprise it contribute to the absence of crowds like those seen in Pinamar.

On the situation of the health system, he reported in radio statements that the Partido de la Costa has a modular hospital, 30 beds and 30 respirators. He specified that 69 active cases are registered per 100,000 inhabitants and pointed out that “a large part of those infected are neighbors, not tourists.”

Regarding clandestine parties, he stated that together with the Ministry of Security and the municipalities “They work to avoid them.” “We have enabled the possibility that the bars take out tables on the sidewalk and if the beach hostels work in an orderly fashion, it is possible to have night outings ”, he anticipated.

On the other hand, he stressed that Mundo Marino, the water parks, the Labyrinth of Las Toninas and “all the natural benefits of the Partido de la Costa” are open and “working with the protocols.”


After the intervention of special groups of the Buenos Aires Police to disperse hundreds of young people gathered without protocols or social distancing in one of the best-known paradors in Pinamar, since this Sunday there will be a permanent presence of security forces in those spaces to avoid concentrations on the beaches.

The Secretary of Security of Pinamar Lucas Windy Indian that the members of the Immediate Operations Tactical Unit (UTOI), which is part of Operative Sol, they will work constantly on the beaches. The members of this police unit intervened on Saturday afternoon in front of the “Boutique Club de Mar” spa, one of the main paradores in the city, located a few meters from the Pier. In that place, groups of young people gathered during the afternoon with ice cream parlors and speakers without respecting the established sanitary protocols.

The deployment with quadricycles produced the deconcentration and some runs of the people present. “It is clear that young people do not pay attention to distancing”, Windy stated. For the official, “dispersing” the groups is the only thing that can be done, since “asking the young people not to go down to the beach is impossible”. “On the other hand, also by not allowing a place for recreation and recreation, the problem is that people end up going to clandestine places,” he added in dialogue with the agency Télam.

On the other hand, the district mayor Martin Yeza assured that “Health protocols are being respected”, especially in bars and restaurants. He said that what worries him the most is what might happen in private homes and in other closed places, because the beaches of Pinamar “are very wide and wide and everything is outdoors.”

Finally, on new measures to control the coronavirus, the mayor said that “before a health curfew, I would recommend other types of restrictions ”, similar to those at the beginning of isolation. “It is very difficult to sustain the authority of the State at the time of issuing norms that later the society does not have the capacity to enforce them,” he stated.

Mar del Plata

In Mar del Plata, which only in December received more than 585 thousand tourists, the authorities concentrated efforts on the control of the underground and they work to prevent closed-door parties from taking place. This was confirmed from the city to and they highlighted that, last month, they dismantled at least 200 events of this type.

Meanwhile, the authorities are analyzing the pressure on the health system, which for the moment “It is not collapsed.” Although the Government indicates that Mar del Plata is one of the places where “cases have been increasing strongly”, from the city they explained that “There are a total of 170 intensive therapy beds, of which only 21 are occupied by coronavirus ″.

Given the increase in unemployment rates in the city, they fear the possibility that the summer season will be canceled, which, they argue, “with protocols can be perfectly developed.” Regarding the control of compliance with the protocols on the beaches, they indicated that, for now, there were no major problems: “We have 43 kilometers of coastline. There are people, but with distance. In addition, there are staff at the entrances to ask people to move to another beach in case it is collapsed. “

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