Coronavirus in Argentina: a governor suggested that young people infect grandparents through inheritance

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President Alberto Fernández met this Wednesday with the governors to define the new restrictions due to the coronavirus. At the meeting, San Luis president Alberto Rodríguez Saá made reference to one of the reasons why he considers that young people seek to become infected with coronavirus.

During the meeting, held by videoconference, the governor of San Luis He suggested that there are young people who seek to contract the virus to infect their grandparents with the aim of collecting an inheritance.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the group of young adults is the one most observed by the authorities, since they represent a significant portion of those infected and, in turn, those who tend to take less care when participating in clandestine parties, or not respect social distancing, for example.

The comment was made by Rodríguez Saá in the middle of the analysis of the “measures to follow” in the face of the increase in infections by coronavirus registered in recent days, among which the proposal to implement a health curfew between 11 and 6 o’clock transcended.

For the moment, Chaco, Formosa, La Pampa and the municipalities of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe established restrictions on the movement of people in the last hours Given the rise in infections, while Santiago del Estero decided to require swabs to enter the district and the Corrientes city of Mercedes decided to limit the entry hours at the entrances.

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