Coronavirus: “If the cases continue to increase, a concrete decision will have to be made to make a cut”, Fernán Quirós anticipated


The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernan Quirós, stated that if coronavirus cases continue to increase, concrete measures will have to be taken to cause a break in progression. However, he asked to prioritize dialogue with young people to understand their needs in the midst of the pandemic and try to make them understand the danger of some of its channels.

His statements were part of the usual report on the progress of the disease in the Federal Capital, this time hours before President Alberto Fernández and the governors meet to analyze why infections have accelerated in the last three weeks.

You have to go deep, but in the meantime there are the cases and if the curve continues in this direction, it will be necessary to take short-term measures that are more pragmatic so that contagiousness can be stopped”Quirós assured.

Before adopting a provision in this regard, the specialist asked to observe what happens in the next few days to take a real dimension of the phenomenon that the Metropolitan Area is transiting. “We are still seeing the consequences of social interaction between Christmas and New Year and there is an age group that suffers more from the loss of socialization … We have to finish confirming if that social interaction continues these days and if so, we will guide the measures to avoid that interaction to avoid further damage to the economy“, development.

According to the statistics of the Buenos Aires government, the cases of coronavirus grew especially in young people between 20 and 29 years old, who, although they usually go through the disease with few difficulties, become vectors of contagion for their social environments.

Instead of questioning young people for not respecting preventive measures against the coronavirus, Quirós asked to understand their needs. “Young people perceive the disease as low risk, but they go through the difficulties of socialization with great pain because it is an age where one builds their personality within the framework of the bond with others similar, so it is not that they do not want to understand, but that they it is a typical characteristic of the human being in its evolutionary stage ”, he introduced.

“The most important thing is to put the dialogue within the environments on the issues that impact on the physical health not only of them but also of their affections and that dialogue can cause socialization to be healthier, in a more careful way”, he completed.

The member of Rodríguez Larreta’s cabinet reiterated that there are three key elements that young people must respect in their relationships: encounters in the open air, the use of a mask and social distancing. The ideal would be to meet all three requirements, he said. But if there is one that is not present, the other two must be observed.

“Young people have to make an effort, but if the cases do not drop in the short term, the President and the governors will make a concrete decision to cut the progression of the curve,” he reiterated.

Meeting in Olivos

As concern grows about the increase in cases of coronavirus across the country, the president Alberto Fernandez summoned the governors to a virtual emergency meeting in order to analyze new sanitary measures to combat the advance of COVID-19, especially in summer resorts, squares and bars. The meeting will take place this Wednesday, by videoconference, at 11:30.

After the marches, the end of the year meetings and the Holidays, the official health records of the last days indicate that a new stage of the pandemic is approaching. In this context, the President held telephone conversations with several governors to convey his restlessness and receive perceptions from inside. According to official sources, “all” showed “very similar” looks in terms of “concern” about the situation. “They see people very undisciplined and aggressive when faced with the demand of the authorities to respect protocols”, they reported.

In this sense, the Government evaluates measures aimed at restrict evening social activities, although they prefer to avoid the concept of “curfew” that various officials used since the first versions of the new initiatives against coronavirus. In Casa Rosada and in Olivos there is talk that they are coming “Sanitary restrictions”, “night closure” and “daytime control of the security forces”.

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