Coronavirus: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta had dinner with Martín Yeza, Cristian Ritondo and two Buenos Aires officials before testing positive

Coronavirus: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta had dinner with Martín Yeza, Cristian Ritondo and two Buenos Aires officials before testing positive Credit: Hernán Zenteno

He test positivo de coronavirus of the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, set off the alarms in Together for Change. Hours before returning to the Capital, where he underwent a Covid-19 swab after feeling a headache, the mayor had close contact with leaders of the opposition coalition and two officials from the city.

It is about the mayor of Pinamar, Martin Yeza, the head of the block of deputies of Pro, Cristian Ritondo, the Secretary General and Secretary for International Relations of the City, Fernando Straface, and the undersecretary of Federal Urban Cooperation, Lucas Delfino.

They all had dinner on Monday at Ritondo’s house in Pinamar. According to sources from Pro and the Buenos Aires government, the summer meeting was held “outdoors” and the leaders took “all preventive measures.” “There was even a light blue marker with which we put the names to the glasses”said one of the diners.

After they were notified of the positive of the Buenos Aires head of government, Ritondo and Delfino will undergo a swab for the next few hours and will remain in isolation. Straface had no symptoms and will also stay at your home, but a test will not be done.

Instead, Yeza, who already had coronavirus, should not be isolated for the time being, according to his doctors. “A serological test was done and he maintains good defenses. The team told him that it is not necessary to isolate himself, but he should be attentive to any symptoms and take extreme care,” they said from the municipality.


The Buenos Aires government reported today that Rodríguez Larreta has coronavirus and that he is isolated at his home.

The mayor returned yesterday from the Buenos Aires town of Cariló, in the party of Pinamar, where he received the New Year with his daughters. “As I had a headache, I decided not to wait and swab myself. I’m fine. Please, let’s continue taking care of ourselves and get tested at the first symptom or when we return from vacation”, Rodríguez Larreta wrote on his Twitter account. In the last hours he participated in the president’s videoconference Alberto Fernandez with the governors for the increase in Covid-19 cases in the country.

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health Fernan Quirós, said Larreta is in good health and will be monitored for the next few days. “He is very well, so it will be a matter of isolating himself, taking care of him and the clinical picture evolving”, he affirmed in dialogue with Radio Miter.

From the Buenos Aires Executive they maintained that “all close contacts” de Rodríguez Larreta of the last 48 hours were notified of the result of the swab. “Identifying where you get sick is not easy, although it can be suspected. It would not be wise to identify where you got sick, but yesterday I had a headache and tested positive”Quirós asserted.

Last Wednesday, Rodríguez Larreta met with Fernandez and the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, in the fifth of Olivos, to analyze the outbreak of coronavirus cases.

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