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Coronavirus Eight governors have already applied the Russian vaccine

The Government hoped that it would be the majority of the provincial leaders, but not all accepted Credit: @Kicillofok

Although the Government was excited about the photo of the 24 governors applying the first dose of Sputnik V, it was not possible. However, in the midst of questions about the lack of information and doubts regarding its operation in those over 60 years of age, eight provincial leaders have already applied it.

Conversely, Juan Schiaretti, Governor of Córdoba, Guido Insfran, its peer in Formosa and Rodolfo Suarez from Mendoza, are some of those who confirmed that they will not participate in this first stage.

Both Schiaretti and Insfrán, like the president, did not do so because they were over 60. The first stated that he will do it when he can since “its reliability is guaranteed“Suárez, who is part of the UCR, declared that he will be vaccinated when it is his turn since now those who are in the first line of risk must do so, that is, health personnel.

Unlike them, Axel Kicillof, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires tweeted: “Proud to have put his shoulder” next to the photo where he is placing the first dose of the Sputnik V at the San Martín de La Plata Hospital. Then, he participated in the press conference where they provide the daily part of the evolution of the pandemic of the territory he presides over and defended the credibility of the vaccine: “I trusted the Anmat, the one who does not trust that he opens the medicine cabinet and throws everything away. Contraindications to any drug is a longer list than this vaccine, “he stated.

There are several governors of the ruling party who have already been vaccinated: Raúl Jalil | (Catamarca), Sergio Ziliotto (The Pampa), Gustavo Bordet (Between Rivers) and Jorge Capitanich (Chaco) who emphasized that “starting to build trust is one of the main mechanisms we have to overcome the pandemic” through his Twitter account. By the same means, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, Governor of Misiones, wrote in capital letters: “Trust in science”, showing his support for the Russian vaccine. Omar Gutierrez, of the Neuquino Popular Movement, was vaccinated on December 29, the day the campaign began at the national level.

In the case of the province of Chubut was the lieutenant governor, Ricardo Sastre, who was given the vaccine since the governor, Mariano Arcioni, is on vacation. Fabian Puratich, the Minister of Health of the province, the mayor of Trelew, Adrian Maderna and its pair in Comodoro Rivadavia, Juan Pablo Luque, they also received it that day.

Several mayors from the coastal region also showed their support by getting vaccinated: Cristian Cardoza, Mayor of the Costa Party, Hector Olivera (Tordillo), Francisco Echarren (Castelli), Gustavo Walker (Stack) and Gustavo Barrera (Villa Gessell).

Since Together for change, expressed their doubts regarding the lack of information in the biweekly meeting held by the leadership. Was Fernan Quirós, Minister of Health, who presented the first stage of the vaccination plan and unlike his Buenos Aires counterpart, Horacio Rodríguez LarretaHe did not participate in the vaccination that day, although he has not yet revealed whether he will be vaccinated or not.

Of the three governors of the UCR, Gustavo Valdes (Corrientes) was the only one to be vaccinated. Gerardo Morales placeholder image (Jujuy) tweeted after the meeting with the president that all the governors expressed “the will to give us the Sputnik V vaccine” but they have not been vaccinated yet. As already mentioned, Rodolfo Suarez (Mendoza), who completes the list, will not be vaccinated. Gustavo Posse, mayor of San Isidro for this party, the Sputnik V vaccine was applied at the Central Hospital and declared: “We are confident that it is an approved vaccine.”

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