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Coronavirus: Axel Kicillof meets with the intend …

With the latest figures on the increase in coronavirus infections, the Buenos Aires governor; Axel Kicillof, will meet from 11 with the mayors of the municipalities of the Atlantic Coast. The communal chiefs of Together for Change (JxC) they oppose yet night curfew, while The leaders of the All Front will support the proposal that comes from the provincial state. As well they will witness the meeting the health advisers from the province of Buenos Aires, while the rest of the mayors will do so by videoconference. At 12:30 a Press conference in which the definitions.

The upward trend of COVID-19 infections set off the alarms of Buenos Aires health workers and political authorities. The attention was directed towards the concentration of people on the coast to spend the summer, so Kicillof called a meeting to organize in a unified way the application of the sanitary protocols and evaluate possible measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. So, the governor will receive to the mayors of Villa Gesell, Gustavo Barrera, from Pinamar, Martín Yezza and Mar del Plata, Guillermo Montenegro, among others, to seek joint solutions.

One of the points that the government has in its plans is propose a night curfew, between 22 and 6, hours in which people begin to meet in restaurants and later in nightclubs that already have restricted their activity. The latest statements of the macrista mayors were against of a measure of nocturnal paralysis because it would directly affect commercial sectors that live off the season. “The youngest are not going to stay watching Netflix because we tell them not to go out,” said Montenegro, also pointing to the behavior of young people. The macrista chiefs will take the proposal to deepen the controls at those times and during beach hours before reaching a restrictive measure.

On the other hand, Barrera, mayor of Villa Gesell pointed out that “if from the Province they propose a night curfew, we will support it, with the mayors we will support all the measures that take care of the health and life of all Argentines, They come to the coast from all over the country, and care is essential, “anticipating an intense debate between the ruling party and the opposition, although tempered by health concerns. Barrera stated that “we tell tourists to come, enjoy the beaches and forests, but take care of themselves, take care of the basic issues that prevent contagion,” and added that “we have already made several acts for clandestine parties. And that is drift for the application of the fine and we are traveling with patrols to dismantle house parties “.

The communal chief also stressed that “the nightclubs did not open”, thanks to the work of the Security Ministry in conjunction with local forces and recalled that “bars and restaurants have a time restriction until 4.30.”

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