Coronavirus: Alberto Fernández did not rule out appealing to …

President Alberto Fernandez he specified that “the pandemic remains the priority” of his government and anticipated that evaluates implementing measures with “greater control of the State” in the population to avoid that the effects of the second wave are worse than expected. “The plan is to reach the autumn with 13 million vaccinated Argentines, which is the population at risk”, he claimed.

“We all have the perception that December was a very relaxing month, with social gatherings and marches of different kinds ”, which is why “We are seeing how the security forces can act in the street to dispel people and prevent crowds” that “they are a breeding ground for the virus,” said the president.

The mandatary clarified that you do not think of a curfew. “Just having officers and NCOs from the security forces walking through the squares, seeing where there is an agglomeration of people and saying ‘circulate’ is enough,” he explained. In that sense, he stressed that “the curfew in Argentina is something very dense” and added that what served in some parts of the country was what is called “sanitary touch, what is what after a certain time you cannot drive down the street and if the security forces see you, they take you home. “

The places where the magnifying glass will also be placed will be public transport, which in recent months have been filled with passengers who do not meet the essential workers requirement.

The President explained in an interview with Radio 10 that he made those decisions after analyzing the increase in coronavirus cases with the body of infectologists who advises the government and after meeting with Axel Kicillof and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to draw a panorama on the situation of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

Vaccines and the health system

Meanwhile, he added, the other axis will be keep the health system strengthened and guarantee the arrival of vaccines against covid-19, which is something that “does not depend” on the Government but on “the production of vaccines escalates.”

“We have to get more relieved to March, which would be the moment of the second wave product of a virus that has mutated”said the president. Meanwhile, he added, “we are going to continue creating the conditions for Argentina to grow and for work to recover; so that there is investment, it can be exported, order the balance of payment and get people out of the cone of poverty into which they have fallen.

Alberto Fernández also criticized those who generate distrust for the Sputnik V vaccine and lobby for other laboratories. “We managed to get 300 thousand vaccines to enter the medical staff and all I hear is to question the technical quality of a vaccine that was developed in an institute that has had several Nobel prizes in its history.”

“I do not understand why so harsh and severe with the Gamaleya vaccine, which they purposely call ‘Russian vaccine'”, he said and criticized: “It is a vaccine that everyone doubts but there is another that must be subjected to 70 degrees below zero, which has very complicated logistics and transportation problems, and whose makers ask for as many preventions as no one has asked to guarantee their immunity against eventual failure, but it is the vaccine that they require me to bring ”.

“I would gladly bring it, but It is not because of me that it does not come but because of the amount demanded by those who do itsaid in reference to the vaccine produced by the American laboratory Pfizer. However, he made it clear that “I will continue the negotiations” to reach an agreement.

He thanked the “generosity” of the Russian Federation to provide the country with Sputnik V and ratified that the pre-agreements with AstraZéneca and Sinopharma are still in force.

“The Anmat you are looking at the protocols, but now it turns out that they have also questioned the Anmat, which is one of the organizations in the world that is cataloged with 4 points, the higher rating like FDA (from United States). In other words, what Anmat says is a holy word ”.

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