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Corona: Vladimir Putin is vaccinated – WHO is testing Sputnik V vaccine in study

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Russian President Putin now also wants to be vaccinated. The corona vaccine “Sputnik V” is still controversial.

  • The Corona-Impfstoff “Sputnik V” has been in thousands since early December Russia injected.
  • Now President also wants to Wladimir Putin vaccinate.
  • The WHO checks the corona vaccine: study results are expected.

Moscow – Wladimir Putin wants to develop in Russia Corona-Impfstoff “Sputnik V” get injected. Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, known on Sunday (27.12.2020). So far, the public had puzzled as to whether Putin get vaccinated. A voluntary program has been running since the beginning of December Russiathat Vaccinations offers. It started with risk groups in the capital Moscow. Well want Putin follow suit. In the past he had emphasized that “Sputnik V” “Effective and harmless” – but not for people his age.

Vladimir Putin: WHO assesses Russian corona vaccine “Sputnik V”

Wladimir Putin is 68 years old. However, the corona vaccine administered in the voluntary program is not suitable for people over the age of 60. A vaccine for the elderly, like Putin, should now follow. “I’ll do it as soon as possible,” stressed Putin in his traditional press conference, which took place in 2020 in video format. “Sputnik V” has been approved for vaccination worldwide, despite concerns from international researchers. The World Health Organization WHO expects soon study results on the effectiveness of the agent.

The number of people infected with corona has increased in Russia exceeded the three million mark. This is based on statistics published on Saturday. So far, more than 54,000 people have died as a result of an infection. “We can say with conviction that we have mastered the problems worthily,” Putin said confidently at the press conference.

Wladimir now also wants to be vaccinated with “Sputnik”. (Archive photo)

© Alexey Nikolsky/AFP

He has been showing himself since the outbreak of the pandemic in Russia hardly in public anymore. In recent months there has been repeated speculation about Vladimir Putin’s state of health. (Tobias Utz)

Rubriklistenbild: © Alexey Nikolsky/AFP

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