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There is a new sprint star in the race for the World Vaccination Championship. According to the latest figures from the statistics portal “Our World in Data”, the strongest pacemaker is no longer alone Israel – Chile has caught up!

“Today we have a new reason to be proud: Chile has taken first place in the global ranking,” wrote the government of the South American country on Twitter on Tuesday.

According to this, Chile had vaccinated 1.08 doses per day per 100 inhabitants on average for the past seven days, Israel was just behind with 1.03.

One day later, on Wednesday, Israel unlocked again. According to “Our World in Data“Both countries now bring it equally to 1.06 doses.

It is followed, at a clear distance, by the USA (0.64) and Great Britain (0.52). Germany (0.26 daily vaccinations per 100 inhabitants), like other EU countries, is further behind.

What the Vaccination rate since vaccinations began As far as concerns are concerned, however, Israel is clearly ahead of everyone else – with the exception of the mini-republic of Seychelles (100,000 inhabitants) and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

In Israel, around 58 percent of people have been vaccinated at least once to date. In Great Britain 33 percent, in Chile 22 percent, in the USA and Bahrain 18 percent – and in Germany 6.6 percent.

Why is Chile so successful?

Chile (population 18 million) is experienced in organizing vaccination campaigns and ordered vaccines from various manufacturers very early on. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 35 million vaccine doses have been ordered, of which ten million have already arrived. Most of the vaccine comes from the Chinese manufacturer Sinovac.

It is going so well that a few days ago Chile even donated around 40,000 doses of vaccine to Ecuador and Paraguay, where vaccination campaigns have so far been making very slow progress.

But: Despite the successful vaccination record, the number of corona infections continues to rise in Chile. 864 064 people were officially infected with the virus by Wednesday, 21 182 people had died as a result of a corona infection. At the beginning of the week, the government tightened the exit restrictions in various places.

Chart: Covid-19 vaccinations carried out in Germany - infographic

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