“Corona vaccination world champion” Israel: How does it manage the rapid pace?

Updated January 01, 2021, 9:37 pm

  • In Israel there is the third part lockdown, at the same time the numbers of infected people are rising again.
  • In the race against SARS-CoV-2, the small country is now vaccinating its citizens faster than any other.
  • Almost a million people received their first injection in less than two weeks.

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There is a huge white tent on the central Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Every minute Citizens can be vaccinated against the coronavirus there – as an aid for overburdened health insurance companies.

Nice since December 19th A massive vaccination campaign is underway in Israel. The initial skepticism of many against the vaccination was followed by an enormous run on the vaccination stations.

In no other country is according to information from Oxford researchers vaccinated against Corona so quickly like in Israel. A graph on the Our World in Data website compares different countries according to the number of doses administered per 100 inhabitants.

There, Israel was clearly ahead on Friday with 11.55 cans per 100 inhabitants – although not in absolute numbers, because China and the USA are in the lead. How does the small country of Israel manage such a rapid pace?

Netanyahu declared corona vaccine procurement a top priority

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already declared Israel the “corona vaccination world champion”. Very early on, he made the race for the corona vaccine a top priority.

Netanyahu repeatedly phoned Pfizer boss Albert Bourla, for example Secure millions of vaccine doses for his country. When the 71-year-old was the first to be vaccinated with the Biontech Pfizer vaccine, he said Bourla was now “a personal friend of mine and a great friend of the State of Israel.” The head of government had also said earlier that Bourla was very proud of his Jewish-Greek descent.

According to Netanyahu, Israel has with Pfizer the delivery of eight million vaccine doses and with Modern of six million vaccine doses agreed. Moderna’s medical director Tal Zaks is Israeli, he studied in the desert city of Beerscheva.

According to media reports, millions of vaccine doses are already in the country – the exact number is kept secret. When the first doses of Biontech-Pfizer vaccine landed in Israel on December 9th, Netanyahu took them personally at the airport.

Israel has a strong health system based on the German model

“It is not a given that the State of Israel, a huge country in so many areas but a small state of nine million people, will get the vaccine at the same time as Britain and the world’s largest and leading countries,” he said at the time.

Professor Arnon Afek, Vice Director of the Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv, sees various reasons for the particularly successful course of the vaccination campaign in Israel.

“First, we have one very strong public health system, with health insurance for all citizens, “says the former director general of the Ministry of Health The model is based on the German system, with health insurance companies and hospitals. “The German Jews who emigrated to Israel brought it with them and set it up here.”

Besides, Israel is one high tech country with world-leading medical equipment and excellent storage options for the corona vaccine.

In addition, the Israelis are one very committed, agile peoplethat can react quickly and effectively to crisis situations, says Afek. Many nurses, for example, often voluntarily stayed on for one more shift after they had finished work in order to be able to vaccinate even more people. “Everyone went to war together – the war against the coronavirus.”

Israel pays a significantly higher price for the vaccine

Last but not least, Israel is a very small country that not divided into federal states is. “It is easier to vaccinate the population quickly than in a large country like Germany with more than 80 million inhabitants.”

According to information from the newspaper “Jediot Achronot”, Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna see Israel as precisely because of these requirements ideal “pilot project”to quickly prove the success of their vaccines.

According to media reports, Israel pays one for the Biontech Pfizer vaccine 40 percent higher price than the US, compared to Europe, the difference is even greater. Accordingly, Israel pays the converted almost 23 euros for a dose, according to a list accidentally published by the Belgian Finance Secretary Eva De Bleeker costs one dose in Europe only 12 euros.

Almost half of those over 60 have already been vaccinated

At just under one million, the number of people vaccinated against Corona in Israel so far is already more than twice as high as the number of people who have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic (more than 428,000). Around 153,400 people were vaccinated on Thursday alone.

More than ten percent of the population, including more than 40 percent of those over 60, has already received the first dose of vaccine. Israel wants to vaccinate its risk groups as soon as possible in order to then loosen corona restrictions and get the economy going again.

Twice vaccinated should be one from mid-January “green passport” that gives them various freedoms. Such as the exemption from the quarantine obligation for citizens when entering Israel or when coming into contact with someone infected with corona.

Criticism of Netanyahu because of corona policy

Netanyahu was repeatedly criticized for his corona policy. He roughly refused selective lockdowns in residential areas with many strictly religious Jews, although there the Infection numbers are particularly high were. His critics say he feared that the ultra-Orthodox parties would withdraw their automatic support.

Now Netanyahu wants to score with the impressive vaccination campaign. Israel will vote on March 23rd a new one for the fourth time in two years Parliament. Netanyahu, against whom a corruption process is running, is fighting for his political survival.

Political scientist Jonathan Rynhold also sees Netanyahu’s approach to the vaccination campaign as a clear “strategy to show that he is the most efficient leader and protects the public from inside and outside”. (Sara Lemel / dpa / ank)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set a good example.

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