Corona vaccination triggers an allergic reaction in the doctor

According to a US media report, the corona vaccine from the US company Moderna caused an allergic reaction to a doctor from Boston. He complained of racing heart and dizziness.

According to a newspaper report, the corona vaccine from the US corporation Moderna caused a serious allergic reaction in a Boston doctor. The oncologist from Boston Medical Center, who is allergic to shellfish, reported in the New York Times that he felt dizzy and had a racing heart immediately after the vaccination on Thursday. A Boston Medical Center spokesman said the doctor had been treated and has now been discharged from the hospital. “He’s fine.” It is the first public case of an allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine, which was approved in the US for a week.

“Allergic reactions are not uncommon”

There had previously been several reports of allergic reactions to the Biontech vaccine, which is also already approved in the EU. However, these shouldn’t worry allergy sufferers too much, says Prof. Ludger Klimek, President of the Association of German Allergists. “Allergic reactions to vaccines are not uncommon, but fortunately they happen very rarely,” he said on Wednesday in Wiesbaden.

Severe allergic reactions after corona vaccinations in Great Britain and the USA “led to considerable uncertainty among the estimated 105 million allergy sufferers in the EU,” according to a joint statement by the German allergological societies. “Most allergy sufferers do not have to be permanently unsettled by the current situation. Very few people will probably have to be excluded from vaccination because of the allergy risk,” said Klimek.

Patients with severe allergies were excluded from the approval study. “The missing data on tolerability in patients at risk of anaphylaxis must now be collected as soon as possible,” demanded Prof. Klimek. Tests are currently being developed to identify patients at risk.

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