Corona vaccination: Berlin will NOT get a vaccine until January 10th – domestic policy

For Berlin there will be no further vaccine supplies against the corona virus in the first week of the new year. Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (53, SPD) told the German Press Agency on Wednesday.

“We have now received the message from the Federal Ministry of Health that the delivery will be canceled in the first calendar week without replacement,” said Kalayci. It should not continue until January 11th. “This is now causing us great difficulties, as we have made our plans based on these commitments,” added the Senator.

Berlin should have received more vaccine doses from January 4, 29,250. “We would have needed that to be able to start with the over 80s. Of course we can’t do that now. ”Therefore, starting Wednesday, people over the age of 90 would be invited to the vaccinations by letter.

“I have a request to the federal government to organize the delivery a little more stably and quickly. We can’t prepare everything here and then get a brake like that, ”said Kalayci. That was more than unfortunate. “I’m pissed off. The shortage of the vaccine remains a problem for the vaccination start in Germany, ”said Kalayci.

Commissioning of the corona vaccination center in the Arena Berlin at the weekend - it is already closed again

Commissioning of the Corona vaccination center in the Arena Berlin on the weekend – it is already closed againPhoto: Hans Christian Plambeck / laif

Berlin’s health senator had already spoken plain text on Wednesday morning on the radio: “We have 58,500 vaccine doses this year, a delivery is still pending.”

The federal government had promised that Berlin would receive almost 30,000 vaccine doses from the beginning of the new year, said Kalayci.

But even in the morning it was already clear: There are uncertainties about the delivery dates! This makes planning extremely difficult, says Kalayci. Therefore, the Berlin vaccination centers are not in full operation. When all six Berlin vaccination centers can start operations, depends on the further vaccine deliveries.

Berlin started with a vaccination center a few days ago, and mobile teams are also working in care facilities. However, the vaccination center will be temporarily closed again from December 31st to January 3rd.

“We are all disappointed with the small amounts,” said the health senator. Very high contracts have been concluded nationwide, so the total amount cannot be a reason for the situation.

Brandenburg also comes away empty-handed

The delivery of vaccines for further corona vaccinations will also initially pause in Brandenburg at the beginning of 2021.

“The state of Brandenburg will also not receive any vaccine delivery in the first week of January,” the Ministry of Health announced on Twitter on Wednesday. Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) said that 19,500 vaccine doses per week are planned for Brandenburg. This means that if two vaccinations are required, around 10,000 people can receive vaccination protection.

So far 39,000 vaccine doses have been delivered. Around 1,550 people had been vaccinated by Tuesday, said Nonnemacher. First of all, people over the age of 80 as well as residents of nursing homes and staff in hospitals and nursing homes receive protection.

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