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Corona: Vaccinated Brits are allowed to vacation in Spain and Cyprus! – Politics abroad

While we are sitting in our apartments, waiting for a vaccination appointment and only dreaming of the beach, vaccinated Britons can lie on the beach and enjoy the sun!

Because: From May 1st, the EU member Cyprus allows ALL Britons who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus to spend their vacation on the island WITHOUT the obligation to quarantine.


“We have informed the government in London about it,” said Deputy Minister for Tourism Perdios Savvas (39) on Cypriot state television. “No more quarantine for vaccinated Brits from May 1st.” For Cyprus, tourism is one of the most important branches of the economy.

And what do we do in that time? Probably vacation on balconies! For example, German tourists are only allowed to follow a negative corona test that is no more than three days old Cyprus or Spain enter.

But not only the British have it good, but also the Israelis: From April 1st, the same rule applies to them too! This was agreed by President Nikos Anastasiades (74) at a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (71).

Spain wants to open holiday season for British vaccines

But it doesn’t stop with Cyprus! Spain is also considering creating its own “green corridor” for vaccinated Britons, reports the „Daily Mail“. If there is no EU agreement on vaccination passports, the British can then go to Spain in this way in the summer, said Fernando Valdés (75), the country’s tourism minister.

Spain is trying to reach an agreement with the EU to get tourism going again. However, if that doesn’t work, the country will start bilateral talks with non-EU countries.

Athens is also currently holding talks with Great Britain and other countries about opening its borders to corona-vaccinated people soon.

Our hope: to be vaccinated before the summer ends – or at least there are enough test capacities for everyone. Otherwise you can simply give your swimming trunks to the British!

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