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Corona ticker: Steinmeier vaccinated with Astrazeneca vaccine

5.43 a.m.: Doctors do not want to vaccinate younger people with Astrazeneca

The deputy head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Stephan Hofmeister, advised resident doctors against administering the Astrazeneca vaccine to people under the age of 60, although this would be possible in principle. The time required for advice and intensive education of younger patients is “diametrically opposed to a quick vaccination campaign,” said Hofmeister to the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”. “We want to vaccinate quickly and quickly,” he emphasized. It is therefore recommended that general practitioners only vaccinate Astrazeneca in people over 60.

Of course, every doctor is free to use Astrazeneca on people under 60, added Hofmeister. However, he must be aware that there are then also increased requirements. “The practice’s obligation is higher because in a possible process it must be shown in detail that all information and counseling obligations have been fulfilled,” said Hofmeister and added: “It is not enough to say that the patient wanted it. That is in medicine is never possible. ”

Hofmeister warned the federal and state governments against primarily supplying practices with Astrazeneca, arguing that the doctors could take on the detailed consultations that are now required. “To a certain extent, Astrazeneca can also be inoculated in the medical practice, but it must by no means be the case that we are practically forced to sell a slow seller,” he said. That would be the opposite of a quick vaccination campaign.

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