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Corona: President Donald Trump’s health improved, can be discharged from hospital today. america – World

Corona: President Donald Trump's health improves, can be discharged from hospital today

US President Donald Trump (file photo)

The medical team of Coronavirus-infected US President Donald Trump said that he had completed the second dose of Remdesivir and he could be discharged in the early hours of Monday.

Washington. The medical team of US President Donald Trump says that the President has completed the second dose of Remdesivir. And his kidney and liver functions were normal. According to a Reuters news, he can be discharged as early as Monday. It is said about the drug Remedisvir that it helps the corona patient to recover in 11 days. Remedycivir drug in the US has seen good results on corona patients. Medical experts are looking at this antiviral drug tested positive against Ebola virus to Remadecivir in a positive manner.

The National Institutes of Health found that on average, people who were given doses of ramdesvir have been discharged from the hospital in 11 days. On average, Corona patients are recovering four days before this drug. The FDA has allowed emergency use of this antiviral drug being sold by Gilead Sciences Inc.

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According to scientists, the US-based pharmaceutical company Gilead’s Remedesivir drug is not designed to treat corona virus infection. Although patients are benefiting from this drug. Research is still to be done on the side effects of this medicine. Earlier, it was proved to be very beneficial for the critically ill people of John Hopkins University by mixing it with other medicines.

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