Status: 02.01.2021 13:52

The way is clear for a large-scale vaccination campaign in the second most populous country in the world. India has granted emergency approval to AstraZeneca’s agent. Vaccination goal: 300 million people in six to eight months.

India has approved the corona vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University with emergency approval. The Indian government confirmed this. This paves the way for a large-scale vaccination campaign in the country that has the second largest population in the world with 1.35 billion inhabitants. 300 million people are to be vaccinated against the coronavirus in the first six to eight months. India has had over ten million proven cases of infection so far, the second highest figure after the United States.

A total of four vaccines are to be approved

According to the government, at least three more are waiting for approval after the funds now released by AstraZeneca, including the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. Biontech and Pfizer are said to have applied for emergency approval for their serum. Information Minister Prakash Javadeka said his country may be the only one where up to four vaccines can soon be used.

Debate about fair distribution

The Indian company SII (Serum Institute of India) had already started production of the AstraZeneca agent before the approval was granted. 50 million cans should already be ready. However, there was criticism of SII’s marketing strategy. Because not only the government should have access to the vaccine, but also private interested parties. However, only after the full license and not just an emergency approval has been obtained.

Critics fear an unfair distribution of the vaccine as soon as it is sold privately. Different prices are also planned. The government agencies only have to pay around three US dollars, while the AstraZeneca serum is said to be sold on the open market for the equivalent of 13 dollars per dose.

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